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Clap and tap concert to put Lesotho on the map

MASERU — Reverend Ben Mosala is not just a preacher. Over the years he has also consolidated his reputation as a developer of the clap and tap music genre in Lesotho.

In line with this calling, Mosala has organised a concert at Manthabiseng Convention Centre where several choirs are set to take part.

The concert will take place in March.

Popular South African television station, Soweto TV, has been invited to capture the event.

The idea, Mosala said, was that the screening of the show in South Africa will help promote local music groups in that country.

“Soweto TV is one of the fastest growing television stations that is involved in the development of the clap and tap music in sub-Saharan Africa,” Mosala said.

“They invited me last week for an interview after they heard of my initiative to promote the industry in the country. We agreed to help keep the clap and tap music industry alive.”

Mosala said he had received a lot of support from Matthews Moloi who hosts Ezomoea, a show that plays clap and tap music in South Africa.

“He told me he heard from his people of my initiative and was willing to assist by coming to Lesotho in mid-March to capture local choirs in action so that he can air them on his show,” he said.

Mosala said Moloi “was pleased to listen to Lesotho’s clap and tap productions”.

“He told me this was the first time Lesotho’s clap and tap music was being exported to South Africa,” he added.

Mosala said Moloi promised to play the albums and a DVD of local competitions on Jozi FM and Ezomoea respectively.

He said the concert in March would be open for all clap and tap choirs in the country.

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime so we are welcoming all local choirs to register and take part in the concert,” Mosala said.

He said nine choirs had already registered to take part in the competition.

Mosala said they will use the concert as a platform to promote local talent.

“South African music is well resourced and this helps it to blossom. This is our chance to establish working relationships with other clap and tap choirs from there.

“Hopefully we will get our best choirs booked to perform in South Africa which will help in developing individual choirs and the industry at large,” he said.

He hoped that such exposure would encourage local stations to play their music.

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