Once Again, Mosisili loses the plot     

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NTATE Mosisili has this strange habit of disappearing from the political scene and then reappearing again.  The maxim that – now you see him, now you don’t – now you see him, now you don’t – which is used to describe the behaviour of hippos also applies to our man from Qacha’s Nek.

However, it is noteworthy that whenever Ntate Mosisili reappears, he never fails to both amaze and disappoint.  It is as if during all those times he will be away, he will be perfecting his Pink Panther tactics. So his second name – Pink Pakalitha Panther – is probably well deserved.

Before I deal with Ntate Mosisili, let me remind you that I am back in the fold. My followers were dumbfounded to wake up to the headline “Scrutator Flees” last week.  To those who missed last week’s instalment, I decided to flee in the wake of a hit-list  circulating in Maseru in which I was earmarked for a brutal killing. I promised that I would only flee for a week for I don’t want to give Babli Mansa, Professor, General, Doctor, Commander of Commanders any whiff of feeling that he can intimidate me from  Maseru Maximum. Following Ntate Mosisili’s re-appearance and astonishing remarks last week, I therefore had to be back by public demand.  A thousand messages landed on my phone appealing for me to return immediately to deal with the issues raised by this political grandpa. So here I am.

I have frequently exhorted Ntate Mosisili to call it a day and permanent relocate to Qacha’s Nek, run and improve his car wash business, set up another chesanyama business   and enjoy  his remaining days in tranquility and prosperity.  Sadly Ntate Mosisili continues to ignore this advice.

If ever there was more evidence required that Ntate Mosisili need to heed Scrutator’s call, there can be no more ample proof than his remarks to his party officials and supporters last week.

Ntate Mosisili, who had been in long hibernation, emerged to address a party conference and afterwards rallying his supporters to prepare for fresh elections, prophesying that Ntate Motsoahae’s government would not last.  But with tongue in cheek, he also professed to wanting the current coalition to survive so he can have time to prepare his party. What contradictory hogwash?

He also took umbrage with the manner in which Babli Mansa Kamoli was brought to court in chains and leg irons.

Just consider this statement from Ntate Mosisili: ““I am, however, totally against the way he (Lt-Gen Kamoli) was shackled. That is an issue with me.

“I don’t understand how a man who was so cooperative and humble ends up being criminalised by being shackled on the wrists and ankles. I take issue with that because it was inhumane and demeaning.”

We all know that Kamoli is your hero Ntate Mosisili.  We know that you believe Kamoli is God’s deputy.  That probably explains why you let him engage in all manner of impunity. But don’t forget Ntate, we now have a civilised coalition government in place.

How else did you want a man facing countless charges of murder and attempted murder treated? Did you want a red carpet laid for him? If you had your way and if you were still Prime Minister, I am sure you would have deployed fittest members of your cabinet to hoist Kamoli into court on their shoulders, Idi Amin style?

And where do you get the nonsense that a man who cooperates with the police should not be shackled?  Did Ntate Mokhosi not cooperate with the police? Did he then not lie afterwards that he had been tortured to create an excuse to flee?

Ntate Mosisili, every suspect is required to cooperate with the police. Kamoli is not doing the world a favour by cooperating with the police. It is an obligation he must fulfil. He must tell the police why he allegedly murdered Ntate Mahao. He must tell the police why he allegedly murdered Ntate Ramahloko.   So he has not done anyone a favour by handing himself over to the police. He had no option. He knows that. He did what he had to do to spare himself the embarrassment of being arrested and extradited if he had tried to flee.

The more Ntate Mosisili seeks to defend Kamoli, the more the man from Qacha’s Nek looks awkward. If you don’t know this Ntate Mosisili I will repeat it? Kamoli was perhaps the best gift from you to Ntate Motsoahae.  Kamoli gifted the ABC with its crushing victory over your DC.

If you still don’t realise that no other person did better to lose the DC support than Kamoli, then you have unfortunately lost all your marbles Ntate Mosisili.  Let this current government collapse as you wish Ntate Mosisili. Go on and fight the next elections on your platform of defending Kamoli. I can assure you that that will be the end of the DC.  Ntate Motsoahae will not need to form a coalition then. He will cruise to an unimaginable victory on the back of your anthropological foolishness in continuing to express sympathy for Kamoli.

You complain that Kamoli is being subjected to “inhumane and demeaning” treatment. So how about Ntate Mahao. Was he subjected to humane treatment by Kamoli. So how about Ntate Ramahloko and many others? Where they subjected to humane treatment by Kamoli.  What about all the dozens of soldiers brutally tortured on the ruse of a non-existent mutiny? Was that dignified treatment from Kamoli?

Now to all you Basotho, let’s assume Ntate Mosisili gets his way and the current coalition collapses and he wins the ensuing elections. What will happen?

You can be rest assured that Ntate Mosisili will bring back his hero Kamoli to the helm of the LDF or to some other senior position in the military. Just like his government did when it lied that it had removed Kamoli as commander of the LDF when it in fact only redeployed him to a rear guard role. We all know that Kamoli never disappeared when he was removed from the LDF at the behest of Uncle Sam. He still kept his benefits including bodyguards until Ntate Motsoahe put a stop to that. But just consider what would happen if Ntate Mosisili wins power again. Kamoli will immediately be restored and all his charges and convictions nullified.

Scrutator will then be killed? The revenge and impunity that we saw when Kamoli was reinstated by Ntate Mosisili in 2015 will look more like a kindergarten tea party.  This is one reason why every rational Mosotho must not support a collapse of the current coalition.  So let’s all pray that Ntate Motsoahae’s coalition subsists for now.

Joang Molapo is right that Ntate Mosisili is in no position to lecture the new government on the rule of law “given the numerous atrocities committed under his watch”.  Being lectured on human rights and rule of law issues  by Ntate Mosisili is like I have said before akin to asking Satan the easiest and fastest way to heaven. It just doesn’t add up. Since when has a fox been given custody of the hen house?

If Ntate Mosisili is so good on human rights, can he tell us who his government ever arrested in connection with all the atrocities that his regime oversaw?

Ntate Mosisili also calls for a commission of inquiry to investigate the killing of Ntate Khoantle Motšomotšo. Surely, what for. The scoundrels behind the attack and the motives of the killing are well known and well documented. So what will be the purpose of that inquiry? It seems Ntate Mosisili is so very well fond of commissions of inquiry?

Why not establish one to investigate why Ntate Mosisili has fast lost his marbles. Why not have one to investigate why Ntate Mosisili is not retiring to save the DC?

The deployment of SADC troops into the country is not a wrong move Ntate Mosisili. We need these troops to dismantle the militias you established to terrorise this nation under the name of the LDF.

We need these troops to clear off all the malcontents you created from all their nooks and crannies?

And what of all the fuss and nonsense about the so called exiled leaders –  bontate Metsing, Mokhosi and Mokhothu. Who exiled them? Who needs them back anyway? What is their value?  Why does Ntate Mosisili think they are so crucial for reforms when these “leaders” don’t have any support bases?

COMPOL Molibeli perhaps summed up Ntate Mosisili’s performance in one hilarious but very true phrase; CLOWNING.  Scrutator needs not add anything to that very good phrase other than to proffer the following advice to the man from Qacha’s Nek – “CLOWNING HAS NEVER WON ANYONE VOTES EXCEPT ONE DONALD TRUMP. IF IT WORKED IN THE USA. IT DOESN’T WORK IN LESOTHO.


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