MPA commended for best Covid-19 safety protocols


Limpho Sello

THE Ministry of Education and Training has applauded Maseru Private Academy (MPA) for implementing stringent Covid-19 safety protocols starting last month.

The school opened for examination classes last month.

The government ordered both private and public schools to implement Covid-19 safety measures before opening schools for examination classes.

Ministry of Education and Training Central regional inspector Teboho Moneri this week said following their inspection of Maseru schools, MPA came out with one of the best Covid-19 safety protocols.

“MPA has one of the best Covid-19 safety systems and we applaud them for complying with our directive to create a safe environment for leaners,” Mr Moneri said.

MPA deputy principal Moses Chisuko said their staff is working tirelessly to create a safe learning environment to avoid spreading the virus.

He said they have implemented in campus safety protocols that are also followed by learners. The learners must also maintain a distance of 1.5 metres apart straight from the entrance where it is mandatory to get screened and to sanitise their hands.

“There are marks on the ground outside the school gate that help learners to keep a safe distance from one another. It should be noted that learners who present signs and symptoms of Covid-19 are not allowed entry. This is done to ensure that they do not spread the virus in the event that they are infected.

“There are also circles and marks at the playground where each class has its spot and teachers are always with the learners to ensure that they maintain a safe distance from each other. We also screen all visitors,” Mr Chisuko said.

Apart from sanitisers, the school has also ensured constant availability of soap and clean running water. The teachers have also been trained to follow safety procedures when a learner is feeling unwell.

“We have adequate classrooms for the 311 learners who are currently on site. Each class has a maximum of 20 learners.

“Most importantly, we ensure that teachers are always available to monitor the learners be it in class or in the playgrounds. We are also strict in ensuring that they are always wearing their masks. If a learner forgets their mask, we provide one for them at the uniform shop.”

MPA is also offering Covid-19 lessons for the learners to ensure that they are abreast with all issues to do with the pandemic.

Mr Chisuko added that they also offer Covid-19 lessons teaching learners are taught about emerging Covid-19 issues.

He said MPA is also providing ongoing distance learning for learners who are not in exam classes.

“Teachers must be innovative and find multiple ways of teaching learners remotely and so far, the school is doing its best to provide the best quality education,” he said.

“The sudden shift from the classroom to online platforms has its own setbacks. The unavailability of appropriate gadgets, network problems and costs of data have proved to be challenging in the provision of quality education to learners who are still at home,” Mr Chisuko said.


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