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Dagga confession

by Lesotho Times
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QACHA’S NEK –– A 29-year-old man from Ha Moleleki in Qacha’s Nek could not object after being charged with dealing in dagga without a prescription and admitted the drug was his.

Moora Makoa was sentenced to one year in prison or a fine of M1 000 by the Qacha’s Nek Magistrate Court for contravening provisions of the Dangerous Medicines Act No. 21 of 1973.

Evidence before the court revealed that Makoa unlawfully dealt with 111.5 kg of dagga on July 10 without a certificate, and thus committed an offence. He was arrested during a police search for unlawful firearms and dagga.

Makoa pleaded guilty as charged and in mitigation said he sold dagga for survival, adding  he had two children, was married and unemployed.

Delivering the verdict, Magistrate Nkhauhele Jobo said dagga is a dangerous drug, hence its use should be curbed and culprits punished to  control its rampant prevalence in the country. Advocate Cobony Malokotsa was crown counsel in the case. –– Lena.

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