Famo gang war

MASERU — The conviction of two men who were accused of conspiring to kill two popular famo musicians and two radio presenters has lifted the lid on the violent underworld of the famo music industry.

The two men, Puseletso Motsoaole, 28, and Thabiso Roeli, 20, were sentenced to four years each for conspiring to kill and one year each for illegal possession of firearms.

Top on their hit were two artists — Lephat’soe Lebajoa who is popularly known as Selomo and Sarele Sello, a famo artist known as Lehlanya.

Radio presenters Vincent Nthoba of the Roman Catholic Radio and PC FM’s Thabang Moliko were also targeted for elimination.

The two men started doing their prison time on Monday but what they said during their trial has helped lift the veil on the violent world of the famo music industry.

The men told the court that they were acting at the instruction of Bereng Majoro, a popular famo musician also known as Lekase.

They said Lekase told them that they should first kill the four men before they could be initiated into his gang.

Selomo and Sello were targeted because they belong to rival gangs, they said. The two presenters were to be eliminated because they were allegedly promoting music from groups that are rivals to Lekase’s group.

If Motsoaole and Roeli had succeed in their mission that would have brought the number of people killed in famo-related murders to about 20.

Those close to the music industry say there are three main groups in the famo industry.

Selomo, the man who was the chief target on Motsoaole and Roeli’s hit-list, leads a group called Fito.

Lekase who is alleged to have sent the two hit men heads a group called Seakhi.

Rethabile Mokete, an artist also known as Mosotho Chakela and who lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa, leads a group called Terene.

Although these gangs are mainly based in Lesotho their membership spreads into South Africa.

Within these groups there are different camps and smaller factions that are headed by ambitious members of the rabble.

There are other smaller groups that have mushroomed over the years but have no direct links to these three main groups.

In some cases these smaller groups have cobbled up loose alliances with the bigger groups.

Those close to the industry say the groups were formed with noble intentions of providing support to the famo musicians.

The idea, they say, was that the musicians would help each other in times of sickness and death.

The groups were meant for business purposes as well.

But as competition for a shrinking famo market heightened among the musicians enmity developed between the groups.

Soon they were battling for almost everything from radio airplay, recording time and influence on the market.

It turned nasty.

It is difficult to establish whether the groups are indeed behind most of the killings.

There is also the huge challenge of separating gang murders from just normal murders.

Yet there seems to be a trend where mostly group members seem to be the main target of the murders.

Famo musicians seem to have been the target of most of the murders over the past year.

Police officers who spoke to the Lesotho Times this week and others who have been in contact with the paper since December last year when it started following the story say over 15 famo artists or group members have been killed over the past 10 months.

Most of the murders were in Mafeteng, a district from which most of the famo artists come from.

It is in this district where popular famo musician Mosoketsi Maketsi who was widely known as Rants’o was shot dead in September last year.

The gunman who was later arrested allegedly opened fire at Rants’o just after the musician disembarked from a minibus in Thabana-Morena.

Police sources say Rantso’s murder could have been linked to the gang war in the famo industry.

In November two brothers, Motsamai and Mokete Sekoai who were famo artists, were gunned down in Mafeteng’s Kolo village.

On December 31 last year Tumelo Shea was shot dead at his home in Mafeteng.

In what is suspected to have been an act of retaliation another musician known as Rakhaphu was gunned down a week later.

In February a musician called Pazuka was also shot dead in Johannesburg, South Africa, and his friends say his murder was part of the gang wars.

A month earlier Rakhapu’s cousin had also been murdered.

Police sources say there have been a number of murders of people related to famo artists during the same time.

A few months after the murder of Rants’o Chief Ntja Posholi from Majakeneng in Mafeteng told mourners at a funeral of one villager who had also been murdered that the killings were getting out of control.

In a startling revelation Chief Posholi told the mourners that the murders were unlikely to end because he had seen a hit-list of people who were targeted for elimination.

He said he had seen his name on that list.

A few weeks later Chief Posholi was shot dead by an unknown gunman near his home.

Some of the group leaders say they are alarmed by the murders.

Selomo who leads the group Fito says his group has always been pushing for peace.

He says when the murder of famo musicians started last year he approached Police Commissioner Malejaka Letooane.

“We told her that people were dying and she said they were working on the issue,” Selomo said.

“But since then more musicians have been killed.”

Selomo also says he approached a government minister he however refused to name.

“I told him that musicians were dying in Mafeteng.”

“I don’t know who are the killers and what their motive is. What I know is that musicians, their relatives and friends are being killed,” he says.

Selomo says he was surprised when police called him on Monday to inform him that two men had been arrested for conspiracy to kill him.

“To my knowledge I have never had any clashes with Lekase who the police say had sent those people to kill me.”

Yet this is not the first time that he had been targeted.

“I have been receiving reports that I was going to be killed and some of those threats are known to the police.”

Chakela told the Lesotho Times three months ago that he was also worried about the murder of famo musicians.

He said it was a “pity” that that some people were pointing fingers at him as the leader of Terene.

He said Terene was a huge organisation with thousands of members scattered across South Africa and Lesotho.

He however said he cannot rule out that some of the members might commit the murders in “solidarity”.

This is not the first time that famo musicians have been targeted for murder.

Five years ago famo music related gangs went into a killing spree.

Thomas Thabane who was then home affairs minister had to intervene to help stop the killings.

Thabane said he talked to many of the group members individually to make sure that they understood his message of peace.

“I attended a funeral of one of them and when I saw them I just told myself that I would talk to them one by one,” Thabane said.

“To me, they were Basotho young men who just needed someone to give them good direction and I was there to do just that,” he said.

Thabane said the likes of a well-known taxi operator Thabiso Tsosane and the then Mafeteng police commander ’Mampho Mokhele had already played an important role in trying to unite the warring groups.

Then, Thabane says, Selomo and Chakela’s groups were the ones fighting each other.

“They are now friends.”

Police say they have not been treating the killings like co-ordinated gang murders.

“To us murder is just murder and we investigate it as such,” says police spokesperson Masupha Masupha.

“He said police did not know whether the murders in Mafeteng were related to famo music gangs or not.”


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35 thoughts on “Famo gang war

  1. taba li mpe ka Bokaota,athe ka mokhooeng teng marashea re tlameha ho khutlela Mpokho, lefu la morena Ntja ka na ka bolela hore le tla baka ts’ollo ea mali eso bone seterekeng sa Mafeteng!

    ha li boele mpokho banna litaba li lokisoe!

  2. Banna, litaba lithata ka Bokaota.Hantle-ntle motho ea neng a tle ka tharollo lipakeng tsa Chakela le Selomo ke setho sa sepolesa se sebetsang Mafeteng se sekolong Afrika boroa ha se ‘Mamokhele joalokaha batho ba bangata ba thetsitsoe. Eare le ha ‘Mamokhele a fuoa likobo ke bona bo Chakela, Selomo le Mantsa eaba o lebala le ho fa lepolesa leo le ha e se e le kobo e le ‘ngoe.Hang hoba lepolesa leo le ee sekolong, banna bao ba koriana ba qala ho suthumelletsa ‘Mamokhele ho phethahatsa merero ea bona e mebe. Thabane le eena a fumana monyetla oa ho bopa party ea hae ka ka libini tsena.

    Ha joale e sa le pharela hore na hana ha litaba li le tjee mapolesa a ka tlisa tharollo joang lipolaong tsee, hoa bona e se be ho tsoara fela. Keletso eaka ke hore ho ke ho atameloe lepolesa leo hobane le bonahetse le na le litsebo tse khethehileng. Mookameli oa sepolesa o oa le tseba, ‘Mamokhele o oa le tseba, Selomo, Mantsa, Lekase, Tsosane le Chakela ba ea le tseba. ke lumela hajoale le se le na le boiphehlelo kaha le maemong a holimo a thuto.

  3. it was 2pac and BIG with west and east coast beef and kalawa with 999music now is south and north or likoata le litlatla. fork man

  4. Joale taba tsena tsa bona li qhalanela le metseng mona. Hona joale Ha Raliemere mane (hona Mafeteng) ka December ho patuoe banna ba bararo ka libeke tse latellanag. E ne ele litho tsa these rival gangs Khauteng koana feela ba tsoa motseng o le mong. Joale ha ba ntse ba bolaeana joalo, taba tsena li se li kenoa ke bana ba bo bona. Ke boiphetetso bo sa feleng. Mantaha mona ho qeta ho shoa e mong.

    NXA. Something has to be done about this!!

  5. `Na ha ke makale ha enoa eo hothoeng ke chekela a iketsa motho oa khotso feela a tseba hantle hore ke eena steering sa movie ona o bapaloang ka maphelo a batho a khutle a re eena o batla khotso. Khotso ea eng hantle e le senokoane se bolaeng batho ba pela sona ka hore reka litsotsi? Ho fihlela le eena a shoele Chakela a patuooe joale ka bo Rants’o, ke hona libini li tla shoa. Le Selomo le eena o phapha haholo kaha joale o se a tseba le lipolitiki e le sebini.
    Bona ha ba ntse ba bolaea bo Rants’o ba sa tsoaroe hothoe ba nepahetse? Rants’o h’a ipolaea o bolauoe ke bona bo fito le bo terene ban.

    Satane tse ts’oeroeng tseno li ts’abile ho bua `nete hore na li ronngoe ke mang? Lekase o ntse a le lethathamong la ba lokelang ho fenethoa ke litlokotsebe tsa terene le fito joale ho se ho etsoa seropo hore lekase a tle a netoe ka taba ea selomo. Leshano le letala Basotho phoooooa. Fito le terene li tseba ka mmommori ona oo ba o entseng e le hore ba itlhoatsoe le ho re etsa mohlo e nyoka lits’ileng tsa bona.

    Feela Chakela eena nako ea hae e ntse e tla le selomo, le tla chaba letsatsi selomo. Toala e tla u fella boy. Tlohelang ho thetsa batho le bua ka khotso eo le se nang eona le chakela. E ka re le sa tsoafe ho ho rohaka batho ba baholo la sitoa ho bolaea Rants’o le Lekase. Jalang le tla kotula bashana ba heso.

  6. Ke man ea ka tholang le ho utloa monate ha batho ba habo ba bolaoa joaleka bo Rants’o? Ho ntse hothoe khosi, khosi mona athe ho patiloe bolotsana. Chakela ha se khosi ke `molai oa libini. H’a tle Lesotho ke eng?

    Maqheka a tla fela ka le leng Chakela, Blomo ha se leholimong ke lefats’eng. A ho senya a mangata la ho ts’oaroa le leng.

    Selomo, itlhokomele, oa phapha, u sekeleme se tebileng empa se etsang e ka se na le khotso. Moekelesia o re tsohle li na le nako ea tsona. Ha le na ho thetsa Basotho kamehla le chakela, leshano le sekhahla `nete e mokoka marena.

  7. mohloli oa taba tsena tsohle o teng, hao fumanoe, le sesosa sa lerole lena le lefubelu. ke hona reka fihlelang tharollo. bana joale base ba entse naha ena ea moshoeshoe ts’ifa-li-mali.

  8. hache!efela ntate lekase ase a utloile bohloko ele kannete empa na ekaba mohloli oa taba tsee o tsejoa hantle.empa hobonahala eka hontse hotla shooa makaoteng koana

  9. Nthoena ea ho bolaeana haena ho fela hona joale ntle le hore Chakela a shoe.
    Chakela ke eena monga moferefere ona,o sebelisa batho bana beo a reng ke li body guard tsa hae,o tsoa sebelisa Botlenyana oa mono ha Motanyane ho bolaea Rants’o haa qeta eena Chakela a letsetsa Botlenyana koriana amo etsetsa cassete le litaba tsa bail kaofela le lipetlele ho ntse ho patala eena.Chakela ke setlokotsebe se ipatlang eka sena le khotso empa haana eona.
    Chakela o ile a boloka Mathai Bloem ele ha sepolesa se ntse se mmatla kamorao hore Mathai a nke chelete Standard Bank mme Mathai oshoa tjena ele lehlana le leholo la Chakela a bile a mmitsa Taiwan kapa Thailand poho ea ha Makhabane,
    Oka ipotsa hore na hao pata motho ea wanted ka armed robbery e akhang Murder ka hare na keha motho a phetse hantle ka hloohong.
    Hona joale Chakela o batla ho bolaea Semate hoba haasa khema le Mokhatlo ona oa hae oa Litlokotsebe o bitsoang terene ena a tletseng batho ba wanted kaofela ha bona,
    Sepolesa sa Mafeteng se entse phoso e kholo kaho tlosa mapolesa a teng a mabeli a neng a tseba ho lokisa litaba tsa banna bana ba libini eaba ba isa lepolesa le leng T.Y haele lena le leng ke utloa hothoe le London.Banna ba babeli bano bane ba tseba litaba tsa libini tsena hantle le Mmamokhele haho le thata ona betsa ka banna bao joalo kaha a ila betsa ka bona ho namola Terateng le Matelile.
    Chakela o ipotse na haa baleha batho ba ha habo bo Mants’a le bo Selomo a iketsa motho oa Terateng na keha motho ale joang haale joalo.Bona hona joale Chakela o bakile morusu a kobisa Lekase joale o leka ka mekhoa eohle hore Lekase a tsoaroe le bashanyana bano hake nahane ba ronngoe ke Lekase.Ke hlompha motho ea ipitsang Lenonyane kea bona o motho oa litaba monna haeso.Selebalo le oena kea utloa o tseba ntho eo o buang ka eona,hoja naha haeea ja boea kene ketlare le mpone Motse Mocha Mafeteng mona reli ts’ohleng banna ba heso.

  10. Haeba banna bao ba ahlotsoeng ha Mmasetrata maseru kahlolo ea bona e hloka ba itefelle,le pele ho nako esa feliseng pelo batlo tsoa ene haka ba sala morao hantle otla fumana hore ba ntse ba rekuoe ke Chakela ba mpa ba sotha litaba feela,Chakela ke mmolai babolai bana kaofela oba bokantse ho eena Bloem moo o ntse are ke Khosi haa itlhatsoa sechabeng

  11. Oa Makaoteng, e ka re nka u ts’oara ak letsoho oeso, ke bolella ba bangata kamehla hore mesebetsi ea motho e tla mo latela. Ntho e nts’itseng chakela Lesotho mona, oa e tseba chakela `me e tla mo sala morao ho isa lefung. Haeba chakela o tla qeta 2010 ena a ntse a phela, ke tla tseba hore `mae oa loea sefapano.

    Chakela le Mathai le emong oa hona bokaoteng moo, ba utsoa chelete STD bank ba bolaea ngoana motho. Monna e mong a ba a reka li Quantum ka chelete eo, chakela a e pata a re ke morui oa Bloem, ha a ne a sebelitse kae eena?

    Le `na kea u leboha oa Bokaota kaha ha se ba bangata ba tobang moo `nete e leng teng. Chakela ke khosi ea ntho `ngoe, ke khosi ea bokatana ba ts’ollo ea mali a ipatile Bloe moo. Ke hantle haeba Mathai enoa eo e neng e le mots’epuoa oa hae o shoele. Le eena o ntse a tla hona teng. Bo-mmateae ba re u se ntse a papaela le bo Botswana koana a utloa lebatama la banna ba ts`oanang le eena. Haese `molai ha e tle lesotho moo ke eng?

    Le tla chaba letsatsi chaks? Chakela o ntena ka ho bolaea batho ba mo ts’epang bao a sebetsang le bona, le ntle le mona ha a na tokelo ea ho bolaea mang kapa mang. Keka hona eena a phelang Bloe ho ba o baleha lefu. Feela nako eona ea tla chaks Bloem ke Lesotho. O bolaetse Sanko Gauteng akere? Le eena o tla shoella Bloem.

    Haeso ke Lesotho `na ke phela teng, ke robala teng.

    Lekase h’a na molato hle banna baheso. Ho na le puo e reng ba fraima motho ka crime, ke hore ba ka utsoa le Passport ea hao ha ba ilo utsoa e be ba e sia hona moo e le hore mapolesa a tle a ts’oare oena. Le ka Lekase chakela o entse joalo ‘me li se li ts’oanela Lekase. Le haeba Lekase a hloka kelello a ke ke a roma li tlepetsa likobo tseno tsa botho tse ntseng li itoma maleme khotla mono.

    Selomo le groupnyana tsa lona, Popop!!!
    Le tla thula lebota ka nako e `ngoe.

  12. Haele tabeng ea sepolesa teng, e ne e el hore feela mapolesa a lesotho a koetele chakela a tle Lesotho mona ho fele. Oa tseba hore o ntse a batloa ke mapolesa. Le a SA a kile a mo tsipa a ba a itlhants’a a re eena ha ana ngoana ea bitsoang Mathai. Ho ne ho etshalang? Ke eng ha mapolesa a ne a ts’oara eena le Mathai ha chelete ea banka e utsuooe ho sa ts’oaroe ba bang ba sele? Ke hobane mosi o ne o kubella ho bona.
    Ntle le hore a koeteloe ek mapolesa, o tla shoa a qetile bana ba bo rona ba bangata ena phokojoe.
    Ke hore feela mapolesa a Lesotho le a SA a buisane feela ba nke nthoa bona e tle Lesotho taba li fele. He re khathetse ke chakela bo ntate. Ke hore motho eo ha ts’abe le hore Molimo o tla mo sireletsa manyaleng aa a ntseng a a etsa, na eo o tseba Molimo, kapa o bua ka Molimo oa likh’sete?

    Rants’o, Lekase le Lehlanya ba ne ba bua puo e ts’oanang ea hore ba tlilo bolaoa `me ba tseba `molai eo, Rants’o o se a ile, na ha se `nete hore le baa ba babeli ba tlilo shoa le bona? Joale hothoe bona ba behe matsoho kapele joaleka basali ba be ba shoe? A ekh’ona bo ntate e seng joalo, kea han le ‘na.

    Batho bano ke banna ba nang le malapa a lokelang ho phela joaleka ba bo chakela le bo Selomo feela.

    re tla bua ka moso oa bokaota.

  13. Lenonyane le Oa Makaoteng, le bonahale le tletse letsoku ka litsebeng ka mona, le rata lcd hoo le sa tsebeng na le ka etsa joang. ke hore le bua leshano lena le nkhang hore feela ba mmuso ba le rate, ke hore le lirota le tla lula le le lirota ho fihlela khale. fang mapolesa bopaki ele hore chakela le selomo ba tlisoe molaong le tlohele ho ithoka ka mashano a senang mothe mona public domaineng.

    le leshano hona hoo, ebile le tlameha le loma mesebetsing ea lona.

  14. hela beso, haholo ngoaneso Lenonyane! senang le nyeta batho in public le ipatile ka lintho tseo le senang bopaki ka tsona! ho betere ha lekholo ho li qoqa majoaleng le metsoalle ea lona kapa hona ho fana ka monyenyetsi seponeseng hona le ho suggesta hore maponesa a koetele batho! nahana haa se re ka koeteloa na ke ba bakae ba ka nyamelang ba jeoa ke koeeoko ea seponesa!

    taba tsena li batla hloko le hlokolosi, li tla loka ebile li hlola li loka, every 10yrs, 15yrs or so, they will always be a war, empa re tla khutlela mpokho taba liloke!

    Chakela o kila thunngoa mona le kile la etsa lerata tjee ka taba eeo?! Chakela o kila netoa ka ho liha mmuso mona baba ba tlohela li-charge maoba mona, le kile la phanyaoloa mabitso a batho ba neng ba mo oela?! Lea tseba na banna bao ba heso ba Malumeng ba Seakhi na ba fenethile ba bakae kapa hona ho etsa robbery tse kae pele litaba tsee tsa bona tseo le reng ke tsa Chakela li qala?

  15. Mr/Ms Editor,

    Please do control your content, it is not fair when people are accused of murder by anonymous people on your site and they are not given the platform to respond.

    One other thing, why does your paper refer to famo music groups (Terene, Seakhi le Fito) as gangs?!?!?! Can you back that up with concrete info please?


  16. Lerashea ha nka bua ka Chakela nna hoka cha matlo,haele oena Selebalo ke ntse keo bona o apara sekipa se sesehla se ngotsoeng KHOSI.Chakela oa bolaea empa eseng ka letsoho la hae o nts’a chelete ebe o reka batho.Ke motho ea haileng Mafeteng ke tseba seo ke buang ka sona,Chakela ke eena ea fenethileng Rantso;Lerashea le oena Selebalo tholang le shebelle bashana ba haeso Terene ena ba bangata ba nang le kelello ba ea etsoa.Semate o nts’oa ke eng?Libini tse ncha tse ngata otle o thole o bone hali theoha terene stafo,Chakela haatla thunngoa o tseba bo mmatea’e bamo thuntseng athe haele litlokotsebe tsee tsaa li bokantseng ho eena moo li ntse li eshoa ka bo nngoe,ho setse sane seo ba reng ke Maema oa ha Masiu oa hore a bolaee mosali le monna oa hae ka keresemese le joale o ntse asa tle Makaoteng mona reo joetse.Lerashea ako tsamaee holima nnete poho nna hake le LCD kele ABC banna ba heso hake pate kea toalatsa,Chakela hokeke hoa hlakoha hore ke mmolai hle bashana ba heso ene hose hose hokae le eena a ichoella.Lenonyane monnaa heso haho hlokahale le hore sepolesa semo koetele,otla ipolaeloa ke bona bo mmateae bano ba terene.

  17. Selebalo ntsoarele ke ne ke leka ho joetsa motho enoa ea ipitsang Molakolako.Ke hlokomela hore Lerashea le Molakolako hale rata motho le qetelletse le ikoala mahlo leha a ntse a etsa masepa ene nna hakena ho thola bashana ba heso oena Lerashea hoja one o sena ho mpitsetsa litlokotsebe kene ketlare re kopane BP mona retlo bua ka Chakela joale keea utloa hore hao ts’epahale otla nrekisa.

  18. Lets’ekha kea bona ona le nnete monna oa heso,joale nna ke bona batho re qoba nnete le moo re ntseng ree bona joale hare thotse tjena re lahleheloa ke banna ba tsebang ho re tlamisa maqeba ha pelo lile bohloko ebe baea re nyakalatsa ha ranta e lumetse ke bua ka banna bo Rantso,joale haele mona asa batla Lekase o nhlotse Rethabile Mokete ba mmitsang Khosi

  19. Oa Makaoteng kea u hlompha u tseba ‘nete 100%
    ‘Na ha ke rate ha Chakela a ipitsa khosi a tseba hore ke khosi ea libolai e se pina.
    Bashanyana bao ba t’saba ho bua hore ke Chakela a ba romileng.
    H’a ee Lesotho ke’ng?
    Haeso Mat’sekheng h’a ee hoba o t’saba Boy le Nephtali ba mona bao a neng a rata ho bua ka bona cassetteng ea Motsamai le Chakeng 11 lesholung la Westonaria ka lerashea la KLOOF.
    H’a ba laee o tla shoa ‘me ba tla it’sola re ba rinya larita.

    Mahlana a ntja ena e mpa li makukuno a ntse a rokoa bo-Mahlanya le Seoa ba tlo itja likhababa.
    Haeso ba e theohile terenanyana ena ea likatana.

  20. Lets’ekha re tlameha ho ipotsa na Chakela o tlositsoe ke eng Matelile a siea batho ba ha habo bo Mantsa lebo Selomo ke eane a phaphatheha a likela Terateng Likokong.
    Chakela one a utloana le Daniele amo roka holimo le tlaase hona joale okeke oa utloa a bua ka eena hoba Daniele o nyatsa mesebetsi ena ea hae
    Chakela otla utloa a pereisaka kamoo Sanko eneng ele mmeke oa hae ka teng how can ere mmeke oa hao a shoele ebe o manakisa moena oa mmeke oa hao o batla ho mmolaea re kholoe hore Sanko o bolauoe ke Tello oa Thabana morena?Kapa re nke hore le haeba ke Tello eamo bolaileng Chakela le eena o kentse letsoho.
    Chakela haa tle Lesotho ke eng?
    Chakela hobaneng a letselitse Botlenyana koriana ha Botlenyana a qeta ho bolaea Rantso?
    Chakela hobaneng a kobile Lekase le Letono Cd ee e ncha a ntse a pereisa hore ba bang haba tsebe ho phokola oee a utloe a phokola hamonate eena?
    Bo ntate hare skeng ra iphapanyetsa nnete re ntse re e bona

  21. Oa Makaoteng
    Chakela o tla shoa e ntse e le ‘molai.
    O hopola moo a neng a re motho o tla qetella a thuntse ‘m’ae joale ke bona eka ena o tlo thunya mosali le bana hoba o phela ka bobolai ekare o bonketse certificate o pasitse ka diploma.
    Batho ba Bokaota le tlameha le bolaee ntja ha e phela ka ho ja mahe le litsuonyana.
    Chakela o tla ba qeta batho bana ba Makaoteng hoba o batla hoba morena feela a le sleh joalo ka basali ba batsoetse.
    H’a tsebe ho phokola, oa tlaila koriana ha e bine ntho’e a e binang ka hanong

  22. hobaneng chakela a nkha lefotha nako eohle ha ho bolauoe sebini.
    nako ea hae eatla otla shoa tje ka ntja ea moketeng.letsatsi lena la TOALA le tla mo chabela

  23. chakela ke satane ya ntja moleko mmolai molotsana mara le tla motjhabela la toala otla kopa metsi le kantlha ya monwana feela jwalo ka lazaro o nahana hore fatshe lee ke lahae a onyele ke la modimo asa hlolweng keletho

  24. Ke llela poho Morena Molotsana feela hle banna, ooe!!!!!!!!!!! E seng ntja tsena tsa likoata tse bolaeanang. Ke ba nyonya kaofela. Nxa! sek!!!!!!!Hoja Ntate ea Matla ‘ohle Jehova o ne a rekoa, ke ne ke tla reka bophelo ba Ntate Sanko hle banna!!!! Le nnyonyisitse mmino oa Sesotho lisatane. Ke se ke imamella Ma-Amerika feela ebile ho mamela licheri bo Beyonce ho betere.
    Haeso ke Mafeteng,Matelile Ha-Ramoreki hle banna!Hao!Ke monna oa ‘nete hle banna le botse ba ntsebang empa bosatane ba bokoata le boloi ba lihele bontents’elitse lehae la Mafeteng liheleng moo maphelo a bana ba batho eleng lefeela.
    Ha ke pate banna hle ke rotse likhohlopo ka roala ALL-STAR ‘na. Ke tla isoa teng ke bonna feela hobane ehlile ke monna oa litaba tsa banna.Otherwise ke re qhaa!!!!!!!!!Thuso ke efeng bo Ntate Famole ngoaneso Jeri kaofela ele bafu.Hel!!! Ka ba ka utlwa bohloko banna. Se!!!!!!!

  25. Lethula la bo Liako May 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Oa makaoteng mshana o bua litaba. Ke moahisani oa ‘molai eno ha ke ea heso ke feta tlasa habo.U ka makala hore na haeba Sanko e ne e fela ele motsoalla Chakela, ere joale ha atlameha ho hlokomela Semate ebe o mo batlela batho hore ba ‘molae, a eketse ka ho soma Semate ka bobe ba hae!Enoa ea bitsoang Lehlanya ke bona eka o nahana hore ho Chakela ke leholimong la hae. Monna kobo ea letlama le lets’o ea aparoa Ha Makhakhe habo ‘molai eno, ose a ts’oana le masepa a omeletseng ao lintja li sa a fofoneleng le ho a atamela. Kea ea ke lo mo pata Selomo eno ea ileng a iketsa motsoalle oa Chakela ka mora’ hore Famole ashoe, feela a ne a bua lefung la Famole hore o hloile Chakela hampe.

  26. Taba ea hore ebe motho ea suptjoang ele ‘molai oa libini ha a ts’ajoe! Ke eona e etsang hore a nne a tsoele pele ka mesebetsi ena e mebe kaha o batla ho roba lipoho tsohle tse ntseng li tsoela pele ho khonya. Ho tla etsoang ha ele moo poho e ng’oe ere motho ha e sa mo ts’abe ha e mo ts’abe leha a kaba a fenetha nkoe??

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