UK institute launches health courses

MASERU — A United Kingdom educational institute has launched new health and social-care courses in Lesotho.
The Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA) has launched diploma courses in community development and HIV/Aids management through the Institute of Development Management (IDM) which is based in Maseru.
The Institute of Development Management also operates campuses in Botswana and Swaziland.
ABMA offers a wide range of qualifications at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma level, as well as many other management sectors.
On completion of these ABMA courses students will have the opportunity to pursue a managerial level career in international development, the health and social care sector, charitable organisations or non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
According to the United Nations Educational and Scientific Commission (UNESCO) the prevalence of HIV/Aids and community breakdown poses a threat to the social fabric and maintenance of national and local identities in countries such as Lesotho.
Intervention by international and global aid organisations to research the ability of Basotho to access health and social care, and to educate Basotho citizens at ground level, have yielded mixed results and have focused on addressing threats to Basotho quality of life in the short-term, it adds.
Education in both the short and long term remains the key to the achievement of Lesotho’s Millennium Development Goals.
It is also vital for the effective management and eradication of HIV/Aids and the isolation of rural communities.
ABMA says its qualifications enable students to reflect critically upon social development and issues surrounding poverty and community health.
The qualifications also give students the knowledge and skills to tackle community issues with a business focus, using project management and knowledge of the legal frameworks associated with social and community work.
The association said it has received many enquiries from students and professionals in Lesotho who are interested in studying for ABMA qualifications.
“Interest in community development is particularly high ahead of July enrolments and enquiries are being sent from public and private institutions including some of the largest employers in Lesotho,” ABMA said in a statement.
It added that it had also been contacted by public and private organisations in the region to discuss training opportunities for their employees.

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