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Mokhothu blasts “incompetent” police

by Lesotho Times
  • accuses them of being “bought” by Matekane’s uniform donations,
  • says a DC govt will reform LMPS to instil discipline and professionalism

Bongiwe Zihlangu

DEPUTY Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhothu has slammed the police for its incompetence which has resulted in its failure to solve rampant crimes in the country.

He charged that instead of solving crimes, the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) appeared “hell-bent on targeting politicians”.

He said that the “politicised” CID had taken to pitting him against Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) leader, Sam Matekane. He said instead of executing their mandate, they were pestering people over who they would vote for between him and Mr Matekane in the elections expected in October this year.

He alleged that the police were probably doing Mr Matekane’s bidding because of the business-turned-politician had donated uniforms to them.

The Democratic Congress (DC) leader said this early this week while addressing thousands of DC supporters in Tsikoane, Leribe.

“We must capacitate the CID and depoliticise that unit,” Mr Mokhothu said.

“We want to strengthen the CID. This country’s CID unit is busying itself with chasing after politicians instead of fighting crime. They have a mandate to investigate crimes, follow up on leads so that they thwart crime. We need an efficient CID unit but all they know is running after politicians.

“Lately the police are asking people who they intend to vote for between Matekane and Mokhothu. I find it strange. What business do the police have in politics? Has their loyalty been bought by those free uniforms?”

Mr Mokhothu also bemoaned the recent assassination of feared Famo gang leader, Ntei Tšehlana. Mr Tšehlana was a DC supporter. He was shot and seriously wounded by unknown gunmen three weeks ago in Mokhotlong. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Mr Mokhothu was very critical of the police for failing to prevent the murder.

He said during the fateful week of Mr Tšehlana’s murder, he had been in Mokhotlong for a meeting with the business community.

He alleged that CID officer had disguised himself as a businessman and gate-crashed the meeting for unclear reasons.

“The other time when I was in Mokhotlong for a meeting with the district’s business community, a member of the CID was chased out after he had disguised himself and gate-crashed the meeting.

“What business did he have in the meeting? The strange thing is that soon after that man was chased out of the meeting, the Terene leader Ntei Tšehlana was shot and later died. Instead of disguising himself as a businessman, the CID officer and his colleagues should have known of the murder plot in advance and acted to prevent it. The CID failed to stop the murder because they are busy with politicians,” Mr Mokhothu said.

He acknowledged that the security agencies were under-resourced and ill-equipped to fight crime. He undertook to address their challenges upon winning power.

“The police should start focusing on their core business of protecting the public. It is high time the police service is reformed and new training techniques introduced. There is need to instil discipline, a high work ethic and humility within the police service. We must feel safe in the hands of our security agencies.

“We will ensure that our security agencies are well equipped to fight crime including the rampant murders of the elderly. The police must be given critical resources for the fight against crime. For instance, they need a helicopter to respond to crimes in collaboration with the army. They must be equipped to tackle stock theft which is ravaging our country. A DC government will adequately equip them,” Mr Mokhothu said.


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