Mochoboroane launches manifesto


… vows to “kill corruption and create jobs for Basotho”

’Marafaele Mohloboli

MOVEMENT for Economic Change (MEC) leader, Selibe Mochoboroane, has launched his party’s election manifesto ahead of the polls due anytime from October 2022.

The manifesto’s theme is “kill corruption, create jobs”.

Addressing thousands of supporters at Leshoboro Stadium in Mafeteng early this week, Mr Mochoboroane said if elected, an MEC government would work for the socio-economic development and the economic emancipation of all Basotho.

He said the manifesto, which had been crafted after a series of consultative meetings with party members from all districts, was predicated on the implementation of policies to enhance patriotism, national unity and social cohesion.

The Thabana-Morena legislator and Development Planning minister said the manifesto was aimed at “fiercely fighting corruption; law enforcement; private sector development promotion; infrastructure development; economic recovery and growth; strengthening patriotism and social cohesion and improving social security services”.

He said economic growth could only be achieved through local ownership and prudent management of economic resources.

He said to achieve their goals they would develop a vibrant market economy which promoted the full utilisation and beneficiation of the country’s agriculture outputs and mineral resources.

In addition, an MEC government would support private sector investment through the promotion of small business development. It would also support entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of a digital and cashless economy, he said.

The former Energy and Meteorology minister said his government would also invest in the development of renewable energy, provision of potable water, strengthening of the social grants system and the improvement of infrastructure.

He said they would capacitate the police to fight gender-based violence and the rampant killings that have bedevilled the country.

“Professionalism and accountability are key within public institutions and governance,” Mr Mochoboroane said.

“National unity and social cohesion should be supported by decentralisation and empowerment of local governments. There will be comprehensive planning to build complete communities. This will also include the promotion of arts and culture, heritage and tourism.

“We intend to enhance Lesotho’s place in the world through the protection of its sovereignty, the expansion of trade for our produce.

“We will also work on a decisive and bolder international relations attitude. There will be active participation in the multilateral framework within SADC, the African Union and United Nations” Mr Mochoboroane said.

He vowed to fight corruption, saying they would put in place mechanisms to ensure accountability “from the prime minister, ministers, members of parliament, principal secretaries as well as civil servants”.

He promised to adequately resource the commercial courts, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) and the office of the Ombudsman “to ensure that that economic offences are expeditiously heard”.

An assets forfeiture unit would also be set up to recover the proceeds from crime, he said.

With regards to improving health delivery, an MEC government would prioritise the long-talked about establishment of a facility to treat cancer.

Village workers would be incorporated into the government’s payroll to improve the provision of primary healthcare across the country’s 10 districts, he said.

Persons with disabilities would also benefit from monthly grants equivalent to those of pensioners, Mr Mochoboroane said.



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