Masoetsa, Khoabane in near fist-fight


Pascalinah Kabi

RULING All Basotho Convention (ABC) spokesperson, Montoeli Masoetsa, and Thaba-Bosiu Principal Chief, Khoabane Theko, almost came to blows over the latter’s alleged support of a plot to oust National Reforms Authority (NRA) chairperson, Pelele Letsoela.

All is not well within the NRA amid indications that Chief Theko is supporting a faction calling for Mr Letsoela’s ouster over a host of issues including making unilateral decisions at the authority. (See story above).

Authoritative NRA sources this week said tempers flared at an NRA meeting in Maseru. This after Mr Masoetsa, who is said to be against Mr Letsoela’s removal, had called Chief Khoabane a boy and accused him of hosting secret meetings aimed at toppling Mr Letsoela.

“Chief Khoabane did not take kindly to Ntate Masoetsa’s accusations and the two engaged in a nasty war of words,” said an NRA source.

“All hell broke loose when Ntate Masoetsa called Chief Khoabane a boy. They exchanged vulgar insults and almost came to blows. Had it not been for other NRA members who intervened and separated them, they could have fought,” the source added.

Contacted for comment, Chief Khoabane confirmed falling out with Mr Masoetsa but denied that they almost came to blows.

“I am a chief and everyone comes to my residence to discuss various issues. But they don’t come to discuss Ntate Letsoela’s removal. Ntate Letsoela would still remain an NRA member even if he is removed from the chairship.

“To the best of my knowledge, Ntate Masoetsa and I did not disagree over Ntate Letsoela. We disagreed on an entirely different matter regarding the NRA management. The disagreement was over procedural issue at the NRA management level. There was nothing like the possible fist-fight you have been told about. Those who told you that are talking nonsense. People are allowed to speak nonsensical things,” Chief Theko said.

Asked what his stance was regarding Mr Letsoela’s removal, Chief Theko said he was not in a position to comment right now.

“That one I cannot answer right now. It is my secret and I cannot divulge it to you,” Chief Theko said.

On his part, Mr Masoetsa said he would not discuss NRA issues with the media. He said only the NRA CEO, Mafiroane Motanyane, and the authority’s media office were allowed to speak to the media about NRA issues.

“I am not in a position to talk to you because we agreed that only the CEO and the media person, one Nkhasi, should speak on NRA issues. Those are the people you can speak to,” Mr Masoetsa said.

Even after it was pointed out to him that this was a personal issue which affected him, Mr Masoetsa said the NRA CEO and media officer were the rightful people to comment as his quarrel with Chief Theko is alleged to have happened at an NRA meeting.

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