Marabe’s India move in the balance


Leemisa Thuseho

FORMER Bantu skipper, Litšepe Marabe’s anticipated move to India’s Brothers Arts and Sports Club Othukkungal (BASCO) is hanging in the balance.

This because the player is failing to raise M25 000 for his airfares.

Marabe received an offer to join the BASCO last August. However, the player is still in the country as he is yet to raise his transport fees. The team is not paying for the flight tickets.

The player had hoped to leave Lesotho yesterday but he was yet to raise the funds.

The reigning premier league golden boot winner with 14 goals scored in the 2019/20 season, this week said he had already secured his VISA.

“I now have my VISA but the stumbling block is that I do not have enough fund for my flight tickets,” Marabe said this week.

Depending on the airline, a trip from Maseru to India costs between M19 000 and M25 000 and the player has now sought assistance from corporates and prominent local people.

He was however, reluctant to say how much he had already raised.

“I am still pushing to get assistance in paying for my flights. I have approached several companies and some prominent people and they promised to help me. However, my worry is that time is no longer on my side.

“BASCO wanted me to fly to India on 3 January but I asked them to give me until 5 January 2022. Although I have not made it, I am confident that I will be able to travel soon.

“Despite being late, the team is still expecting me and I want to ensure that I leave before the end of this week,” Marabe said.

Marabe is yet to sign a contract with the team but he said the two parties have already agreed on personal terms.

“I haven’t signed a contract but we have agreed on personal terms. I have an agent who is helping me in India. Once I arrive in India, the team will be ready to cater for all other expenses after signing the contract,” Marabe said.

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