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Cops offer M2m

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — The police are offering a whopping M2 million to anyone who can supply information that could help unlock four high-profile murder cases.

They have offered M500 000 each to people who could provide information surrounding the deaths of Maile Mosisili, Bereng Sekhonyana, Jacobina Samuella Ellen Verwey and Thomas Maresco.

Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili’s son, Maile, was shot and killed by unknown gunmen near Victoria Hotel in Maseru in February 2002.

His killers were never found.

Attempts by the police to crack the case have hit a brickwall.

Sekhonyana, who was a Member of Parliament for the Basotho National Party, was gunned down at his home in Ha Hoohlo in June 2006.

He was 64.

Sekhonyana was shot by armed gunmen while waiting for his gate at his home to be opened.

His killers were never found.

Verwey, 36, was a Dutch aid worker who was shot at the home of former trade minister Mpho Malie in November 2006 which they were renting.

Verwey, her husband and two American aid workers, arrived at the home late on a Friday but were met with a fierce volley of gunfire.

Maresco, 24, was an American Peace Corps volunteer who was shot and killed in Maseru in September last year.

The police said Maresco was shot on his way from Maseru Sun hotel where he had just attended a farewell party for a colleague.

Two suspects were arrested but were later set free due to lack of evidence linking them with the crime.

Police spokesman Masupha Masupha said this was the first time that the police were offering such huge amounts of money to informants.

“Police are offering this amount of money to the public to help them with information because it has taken them too long a time to investigate the cases,” Masupha said.

“Police have arrested suspects in these cases but they were later released as there was no evidence linking them with the murder of the four victims.”

He said informants will be given the money once a case has been successfully resolved.

Masupha said sources of information will be protected.

“Sources of information are not the same as witnesses so they will not be known to the public or be called to appear before the courts of law,” he said.

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