Clubs blast LBSA committee


Leemisa Thuseho

LOCAL baseball and softball clubs are fuming over the Lesotho Baseball and Softball Association’s (LBSA) failure to stage the domestic senior league for the past two years.

The association also stands accused of failing to host developmental activities around the country.

In 2018, the association hosted only the Spring Allstars Softball Classic Tournament which was sponsored by Econet Telecom Lesotho while no senior level activities were held last year.

Giants Baseball and Softball Club manager, Tšeliso Lemphane said they would do all they can to ensure that the sports are revived.

He said they would soon lobby for the removal of the current committee.

“We are now in the third year without any well-coordinated manner and that leaves us with no choice but to lobby for the removal of the current committee,” Lemphane said.

He accused the LBSA of hiding behind the clubs’ failure to pay annual subscription fees thereby failing to organise tournaments.

“The problems lie with the crippled and dysfunctional committee that has failed to grow the sports.”

He also accused the committee of unilaterally increasing monthly subscriptions from M200 to M500 but still failed to come up with a workable plan of activities.

For his part, Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS) coach Molope Mphahama said most teams were being stilled due to lack of activities. He said this has demotivated the clubs from paying subscriptions.

Mphahama also accused the committee of refusing to entertain his club’s grievances because it owes subscriptions.

Thabiso Namane, the coach of the Mafeteng side, CAPS Baseball and Softball Club also said they were not motivated to play the subscriptions without guarantees of activities.

“Our team is made up of young athletes who depend on their parents and we would be happy to pay subscriptions if there was a guarantee of activities,” Namane said.

Kings Baseball and Softball Club secretary general Hlalele Tsolo accused the committee of failing to call for an annual general meeting (AGM). He added that they would refrain from paying subscriptions until the committee improves.

“It is futile to subscribe for something that does not benefit us. The LBSA committee is refusing to call for an AGM and has also refused to meet us,” he charged,

LBSA public relations officer Lisema Mapetla said all their processes had been stopped because of lack of subscriptions.

He conceded that the committee was struggling to stage activities at senior level but said they had successfully held tournaments in schools last year.

Mapetla said the committee this year resolved to waiver all the clubs’ subscription arrears to motivate them to start paying but they still refused to pay.

“We cannot call for the AGM because the constitution is clear that clubs must subscribe to be eligible to attend the AGM,” Lisema said.

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