Youths should go and register to vote for a better future

WITH a general election set for May 26 I would like to urge all Basotho youths to go and register to enable them to cast their votes and determine their own future.

The future of Lesotho lies squarely in the hands of the youths. It does not lie with our parents who are 70 years and older and who selfishly or ignorantly want to protect their M300 or is it M350 monthly payout.

One need not be a rocket scientist to realise that things are not going well in our country.

In any true democracy, when the ruling party ceases to respond to the needs of the electorate, it’s time for the electorate to vote it out.

The ruling party has long ceased to respect and respond to Basotho’s needs.

How many graduates and non-graduates are out there trying to get jobs without success?

How many people have lost employment because they did not have passports?

How many have applied for passports and have not been issued with any?

How many have died waiting for their pensions?

It’s a shocking and unbelievable scenario.

How many youths have been admitted to various tertiary institutions but are not getting funding from the government?

How many youths have not been admitted to do their secondary education? Just how many?

What is happening with our diamonds?

What is happening with our water resources?

Look at the conditions of our roads, our transport sector, who gets lucrative tenders from the government?

The in-fighting in the judiciary, the strikes in our universities, at the Lesotho Agricultural College, Lesotho College of Education, Lerotholi Polytechnic; its strikes all over.

When are we going to stop the rapes, robberies and livestock theft?

What happened to our relations with our only neighbour, the Republic of South Africa?

It’s a shocking trend that needs to be addressed lest this country drifts into irrelevance.

The only people who can “change the guard” and save the day, are the youths of Lesotho by registering and voting against the failed policies of the ruling party.

Its youth’s lives which are at stake. It’s the youths’ future which is being gambled with.

They need to stand up and be counted.

Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia are well ahead of us in terms of infrastructure development. They are ahead of us in education, and they are ahead of us in managing their political affairs.

Where in the world have you seen a country of less than two million people having more than 15 political parties?

That can only happen in Lesotho!

Lesotho has been independent for over 40 years but we are not seeing any relief from dire poverty.

I honestly don’t understand what is happening with this country.

The only conclusion one can make is that the country is being managed by trial and error.

My clarion call to the people of Lesotho in general and to the youths in particular is: register and go out there on May 29, 2012 and vote out this current government.

We certainly cannot continue like this.

For over 17 years now, the BCP/LCD/DC-led governments have failed to grow the economy to sustain the inhabitants of this country – that isn’t cool and it doesn’t rock at all!

The future of Basotho, the future of the youths and their children is threatened.

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