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You are a probable you

by Lesotho Times

“Life is a string of todays.”

— Mark Nepo

Spring is here and whether it finds you in a life situation you love or hate, the uncomfortable truth is it’s the sum total of your choices based on your beliefs about life.

Even though the whirlwind of Women’s Month is over, the inspiration that has been sowed into women’s minds should now sprout and blossom.

Therefore it’s worthwhile considering the following:

Be your true self

One writer noted that human beings are the only creatures who try to emulate others at the neglect of their true nature.

A bee is fully immersed in being a bee and is true to its nature. It doesn’t spend its life trying to be a butterfly.

But how many people choose a degree, say an MBA or accounting because they believe it’s socially acceptable or will give them status?

Parents have been known to dictate that a child should pursue sciences when in actual fact the child is talented in the arts.

An Indian guru stated that the problem with humanity is that of a “herd mentality.”

How many people dare to follow a different path to the traditional schooling, university, marriage, children and work?

Is it any wonder that this one-size-fits-all approach leads to depression and an unlived life?

But it takes time and courage to buck against the trend and the phrase “life begins at 40” has some truth in it.

It’s only then that the shackles of our upbringing start to fall off and also why the mid-life crisis occurs at this time.

Change your beliefs

What have my beliefs got to do with it, you may well ask.

We are told that the universe will give you what you focus on which I believe is true, but if it’s that simple why don’t all our dreams of wealth, happiness and success come true?

Because we are putting new wine into old bottles.

Take for example the belief that there is not enough to go round, for someone to win, someone else must lose.

Ask yourself, if another woman came to you seeking advice and mentorship on exactly the same business idea that you are working on would you give it freely and happily?

There is sometimes a reluctance to share business ideas in a group setting because it might be “stolen” and yet if you look around projects borne out of copying without the underlying passion and creativity generally don’t last.

So the solution is to cultivate belief in the infinite abundance of the universe.

You are complete

There is a particular line of thinking that says that we are not enough or complete and this leads to the constant search for something be it a spouse, possessions, or educational qualifications that will make us feel complete.

And yet we are not those things.

Mark Nepo encourages us to think of ourselves as a rose that is blooming.

It may take us a lifetime to bloom as we learn from experience but like the rose, our essence is there inside, it just takes time to reveal itself.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t achieve those outward things but when we are tuned in to our true self they become part of our unfolding and not hollow victories.

Ask yourself: “What is waiting for me in the direction I don’t take?” as author Palma suggests.

Our life doesn’t have to follow one set path — it’s often our fear to make a change or start anew that makes it seem that way.

Procrastination is one of the most common causes of unrealised dreams.

The illusion of an infinite number of tomorrows is the basis for postponement and yet the only time we have is now.

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, “The distinction between past, present and future is an illusion, but a very persistent one.”

Your life is a range of possibilities and this you that you consider yourself to be is but one of many probable ones.

Remember “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  — H. Thurman


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