Yet another ‘Mosotho man’ nabbed in India

MASERU — A 29-year-old man identified as a Lesotho national was arrested in India last week after he was allegedly found in possession of drugs.

Jude Paulo Williams who was carrying a Lesotho passport was caught when he was delivering charas, a by-product of cannabis, to a client.

According to the Times of India newspaper the police seized five kilogrammes of charas from Williams on Friday night.

“Between 10.30pm and 11pm on Friday, an anti-narcotics cell team led by PI Raju Raut Dessai laid a trap near the petrol pump at Anjuna and caught Lesotho national Jude Paulo Williams, 29, red-handed when he had come to deliver the charas to a prospective customer,” the  paper said.

Williams reportedly tried to escape after realising that he was surrounded by the police.

“Sensing police presence after he was surrounded, Williams tried to escape. He pushed police constable Jeetendra Kambli and fled. However, the anti-narcotics team chased him and he was immediately caught.”

Lesotho’s foreign affairs ministry in December warned that there were non-Lesotho nationals who were illegally using the country’s passport.

A statement from the ministry said that about five West African men who were arrested in Japan had illegally acquired Lesotho passports.

The government also distanced itself from cases of drug smuggling involving four women and one man from Leribe who were arrested while trying to enter Japan.

The five are still awaiting trial in that country for allegedly pushing drugs.

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