Word of Life launches debut album



MEMBERS of the WOLIM worship team during the album launch on Sunday.
MEMBERS of the WOLIM worship team during the album launch on Sunday.

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THE worship team of the Word of Life Ministries (WOLIM) Maseru assembly launched their debut album amid pomp and fanfare on Sunday at the church’s auditorium in Maseru.

Titled Thoriso, which means praise in Sesotho, the 10-track album features the talents of the WOLIM worship team’s songwriters and musicians.

Clad in fatigues resembling those worn by the military, the group took no prisoners with a scintillating performance much to the delight of the hundreds in attendance. The songs, which were mostly written by group members, seamlessly interweave between various genres and cater for various tastes.

They include Boka Morena by Lineo Motseki, Kea U Rata Jesu by Mathoriso Motseki, Grace by Marina Bizabani as well as Ua Halalela by Napo Mochekoane and Tamia Phooko among others. According to Pastor Synodia Dube, who is also the album’s lead singer, the overriding theme is that of praise, as epitomised by the title track.

“We have a desire to see praise being restored to its original purpose of giving God the glory and honour that He deserves,” she said, adding that it was produced by acclaimed South Africa-based Zimbabwean musician, Tremier Msipa.

“We wanted to cater for everyone since our church is multicultural, and it is also a ministry point to help people reconnect with God.”

The album, Pastor Dube said, was also meant to raise funds to buy land for the church building.

“The fundraising is for the land that we are purchasing in Qoaling and we believe that if we can acquire that piece of land, we will be able to build God a house of worship,” she said.

“As the worship team, we asked ourselves how we could contribute to the fundraising effort and decided to make use of our talents.”

Pastor Dube said the idea of recording an album initially seemed a tall order, since no one among them was a recording artist. However, with encouragement from congregants and her husband, Pastor Dumisani Dube, they started making enquiries about what it would take.

“We had been doing praise and worship for many years, but to actually go beyond the four walls of our church seemed far-fetched at first because we didn’t know how to go about it,” she said.

“But when you put your heart and soul into something, it always comes to pass. If we had looked at the resources at our disposal, we would have never gotten around to doing it. We decided to take a step of faith and cross the bridges when we got there.”

The recording process, Pastor Dube said, took over two months, with the worship team solely focusing on the project during the period.

“I want to pay tribute to the worship team whom I am totally honoured to be part of,” she said.

“They are a group which loves God, pulls together and have a mind to see God glorified. They worked so tirelessly and with a pure heart in making this album.”

Pastor Dube said they had managed to recoup the money invested in the project by selling the album prior to its launch, adding that she was “overwhelmed” by the response the album had received so far.

“We didn’t expect the response we have received so far, our initial target was to sell at least a thousand copies to cover the costs of production,” she said.

“However, the response has been overwhelming and humbling to say the least. The objective of the album is being achieved, and we thank God for that.”

To cater for audiences beyond Lesotho’s borders, Pastor Dube said the album would “soon” be available on digital platforms such as iTunes. Currently, it is sold at the church office along Kingsway and at their BNP Centre auditorium.

She concluded the interview with a call for people to desist from bootlegging music, saying it was hampering the development of artists.

“Piracy is very unethical and robs musicians of the means to produce quality products since people would be accessing it for free. Please get the original copy of this album, firstly because it’s for a good cause and also because it’s the right thing to do,” said Pastor Dube.


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