Women betraying the equality struggle



IS IT not funny how women wail about equality yet they are the first to put themselves beneath men?

Seriously, we gripe about this monster called “inequality” every single day, yet we do not even act as if we really do want to be equal!

Well, my thinking is that most of us have the meaning of the term all screwed up in our heads.

We do not know exactly what it is we want equal or even how we want it!

It is a plain fact that women have been treated badly and persecuted for the mere fact that they are women.

Also, it is a fact that there are some things that women can do that men cannot even begin to do and vice-versa!

Another fact is that there are things that both species can do, whatever the circumstances. For instance, women cannot pee standing and men cannot give birth.

We also know that women can do some jobs, formerly categorised as men’s jobs just as well as the men, very well and vice-versa.

Anyway, let me start somewhere, to get the ball rolling.

Remember that year women of the world convened in Beijing to try and get their voices heard?

I believe the aim was to try and break down the stereotypes surrounding their existence in this so-called “Man’s World”.

That move jarred many people out of their reveries and made them realise that women were human beings too.

That conference and many that followed should have paved a future where women would be treated as equals.

But that has not happened and the people who are standing in the way are women. Picture this: we all know that women are the majority the world over, so why is it such a problem to recognise their importance and stance beyond their ability to give birth? But that is not my point.

My point is that some women are really getting on my nerves by ridiculing the brave struggle that did not start in Beijing, but a long time ago.

They are belittling the great efforts of women who have their hearts and heads set onto making this world a better place.

Correct me if I am wrong — the equality we are fighting for as women is for us to be treated as human beings and not objects, to be considered adults, to make our own decisions.

We do not want to be thought of as children (minors).

We want to shatter the glass ceiling that regards men as the ones who are the best for the job no matter the qualifications, capabilities or even prior achievements.

Then as this protracted battle rages on, there are some bimbos who just come and pee on this parade.

Really now, if you are a woman trying to command respect in your career path, how do you explain sleeping your way to the top?

To get a promotion you should work and qualify for it, not open your legs for it!

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