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Woman gives chilling testimony

by Lesotho Times
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Bloody-knife‘He was stabbed and died in my house’

Tefo Tefo

‘Maseqao Chobokoane of Ha-‘Mamotho village on Tuesday told the court how her neighbour died in her house six years ago.

Chobokoane was testifying in a case in which four men from her village—Thabo Nthonyane (49), Motsapi Monyamane (43), Sello Mohatlane (32), Tšokolo Mphoto (35), and another from Monyakoane village, Seabata Nthonyane (53)— are being charged with murder in the High Court.

The five are accused of killing Sekukuru Ramataboee on 6 December 2009.

Ms Chobokoane told the court: “On that fateful night at around 8pm, I was already in bed with my four children when I heard whistles in the village.

“Suddenly, I heard someone shouting at my door saying I should open for him as there were people chasing him with the intention to kill him.

“At that particular moment, I did not know who that person was. As I tried to open the door, something hit it and it cracked.

“The person at the door then shouted saying Mohlomi (who has since died) had stabbed him.”

She further told the court that when the now-deceased eventually got into the house, he had a wound on the forehead.

“He told me that Mohlomi and Sello Mohatlane had stabbed him with knives and were standing at the door.

“I locked the door. In fact, I could hear there were people at the door.

“After a few minutes, I heard Mohlomi and Sampo shouting and calling me a bitch and that I should open the door because they wanted to kill Ramataboee whom they referred to as a dog,” she said.

The witness further told the court that she the put out her paraffin lamp, and shouted for the assailants to “get in and take him”.

Mrs Chobokoane said no one got in.

“Suddenly the ruffling at the door stopped. After sometime, another one of the accused, Thabo Nthonyane, arrived, shouting that I should open the door so they could kill Ramataboee.

“But I shouted back that he should get in and take him.

“I then peeped through the window and saw a group of men, and among those people, I identified Tšokolo Mphoto,

“I tried to talk to the now-deceased who was already lying on the floor, but he was unable to respond,” she said.

After realising that the assailants had left, Mrs Chobokoane said she sent her son to fetch her neighbour, Mojaki Mothibeli, and then called the police.

“The police examined the body and took it away,” she said.

The case proceeds before Justice Teboho Moiloa, and is being  prosecuted by Advocate Kananelo Khoboko. The accused are represented by Advocate Khosi Lesuthu.

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