Woman accused of abusing stepdaughter



Police Spokesperson Senior Inspector Clifford Molefe  (1)
Police Spokesperson Senior Inspector Clifford Molefe

’Mantoetse Maama

A 37-year-old woman from Qacha’s Nek will appear in the Qacha’s Nek Magistrate’s Court on 27 May for allegedly assaulting her six-year-old stepdaughter.

‘Makhotsofalang Rasekoele was first dragged before the same court on 13 May, where she was charged with the alleged offense and released on M400 bail.

According to police spokesperson Clifford Molefe, the woman was arrested on 11 May after her teacher had asked the child why she could not walk properly.

“The teacher noticed that something was wrong with the six-year-old child; she was apparently not walking properly. When she asked what was wrong, the teacher realised that the girl had been pinched under her armpits and feet, hence the pain she was experiencing.

“The girl explained that it was her stepmother who had done that to her. Apparently, the victim’s father works in South Africa and had left the child with his second wife.

“The woman was then arrested and taken to court, but released after paying M400 bail. Her next appearance in court will be on 27 May. The young girl is currently staying with her maternal grandmother,” Senior Inspector Molefe said.

In a separate incident, a 36-year-old Butha-Buthe woman and a 37-year-old Nigerian appeared before the Butha-Buthe Magistrate’s Court on 11 May accused of fraud.

Senior Inspector Molefe said: “The 36-year-old woman, who is a Mosotho, went with the male Nigerian to the Ministry of Home Affairs and pretended that the man could not speak. The woman filled all the necessary documents, claiming the man was dumb.

“They managed to get a birth certificate as though the man was a Mosotho as he had been given Sesotho names.

“However, the man was caught when they were going get an identity card.

“Home Affairs officials suspected that the two could be lying and called the police, leading to the arrest.”

According to Senior Inspector Molefe, the two were each sentenced to two years in jail and also given an option to pay M3 000 fines.

“They did not have the money and were given until July to raise the fine,” Senior Inspector Molefe said.

However, Senior Inspector Molefe said the Nigerian would soon appear in court for allegedly entering Lesotho legally.

“When the police were investigating the case, they found out that the male suspect did not have a passport and had entered Lesotho illegally. He will appear in court soon to face this charge,” he added.

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