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Why Live Casino Represents A Significant Shift In Igaming Innovation

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Live games have always sat on a different shelf than slots and other computer options at online casinos. However, these live table games offer a new way to play, creating a shift in how online gaming innovates. Live tables are fun and social and offer a level of trust and immersion that’s hard to find when playing on your tablet or computer.

Connecting With Others

Live table casino games offer the ability to interact with the dealer and other players. This interaction replicates the standard casinos you’d go to and sit at the table. In games, especially poker, you’d often have banter and interactions with other players while trying to bluff your way to winning.

Often the interaction will be only through chat boxes, which may be limited compared to a physical casino. However, when matched against the regular video game options, the pacing and interactions feel more sociable.

Innovation With Webcams

While not as widely adopted, several live table games use the players’ webcams to create a more immersive environment. Primarily, this system is used for poker as it allows players to see each other as they look for tells and bluffs that someone is lying. Many online poker games miss this experience, as the feature is still relatively underused, partly due to privacy concerns. However, getting a webcam just for gaming can be unnecessary.



Authentic Experience

Live casino tables provide an authentic experience when playing online. Sitting at home and playing can be lonely and feel ordinary when playing slots or video poker. The enhanced immersion can be ideal for casual poker players looking to chat it up as they try out the best new live casinos.


Similarly to physical casinos, live tables offer a returning player bonus from time to time. While you won’t hear the loud sound of games paying out or slots being spun, the chatter in the air and music, you will get to see who is at your table.


Live casinos offer bonuses for new players to try the table while also keeping customers coming back with frequent offers. While this is a common practice, it can feel like your memberships at a physical casino, helping strengthen the immersion.

The Human Aspect

Online gaming has become a significant phenomenon in all areas of gaming, from video games to online casinos. However, almost all of this is virtual, without a human part in the works. Live tables use real dealers to handle cards, chips, and other aspects during the game.

Enhanced Trust

A lot of trust is placed each day in algorithms, but most of us never really understand how these work. However, we’re never sure of how the algorithm is coded or if it’s fair. Live tables don’t use any algorithm or random number generation to produce opponents and deal cards.

Live tables use physical cards and other pieces, pieces that you can see be moved around by a regular person. With this, you’re always confident that your victory or loss is determined by how you played, and never a bad algorithm.

New Technology

New technology is a must when innovating any sector of online casinos. Augmented reality and Virtual reality are two recently adopted technologies within the world that can impact the future of online gambling.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows cards to be scanned and displayed more easily on laptops and tablets. Additionally, AR allows for a new way to view live tables.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t yet tapped into as a technology for online casinos, as the headsets are often costly. However, a future where casinos are virtual places that can be walked around, interacted with, and is full of other customers that you can interact with is possible. Unfortunately, the technology needs to become more accessible before this is possible.


The Comfort of Home

The comfort of home is available to all online casino games if you’re playing from home. However, most games lack the immersion, social communication, and trust that live tables offer. Combined with being at home, this creates a unique experience in many ways.


Playing a blackjack table while on your laptop or tablet makes it easy to find the right spot in your home to play. The games launch within moments, and once logged into the casino; you can join a table. Depending on the game you’re playing may use immersive features such as webcams.

Playing online casino games, chatting at the table, and having all the conveniences of being home is a match that’s hard to beat.

Comfort, Convenience, And No Dress Code

Live tables offer a new level of immersion and a different experience to other games, all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. Live games also require a physical aspect to them on behalf of the casino and have more limited seating. Maximizing this is causing the online casino industry to innovate the game style.

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