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Why is IFMIS system affecting those outside govt?

by Lesotho Times

I have always maintained that there is no political will to see the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) debacle coming to an end.

It is sad that poor people such as the woman in last week’s story headlined “The poor cry foul over new payment system” have to suffer like this.

IFMIS is a nightmare not only to the very poor of our society but to most people who do business with the government.

I know friends who have had their cars repossessed and businesses closed while poor workers are retrenched.

If everything was equal we would have seen all levels of government workers not being paid.

This would have included the prime minister and his Cabinet. I am sure if that was the case the system would have been up and running smoothly by now.

Why should IFMIS be an issue only when dealing with those outside the government?  In the long run we will all want to be civil servants because apparently it pays to be one.


Thabo Mosoeunyane


NO one listens to the poor unless it is election time. All what the politicians do is make promises during election time.

But as soon as they are in power they forget the poor and fail to deliver.

In any case changes in systems need to be checked first before implementation so that any loopholes can be fixed. This unfortunately does not happen in Lesotho.

This is why we have problems with IFMIS. I think there was a decision made at the top to effect change without first considering its applicability to Lesotho.

Change needs to be managed properly. It should be a consultative process with people being allowed to air their views and opinions, no matter how harsh.

We really have a long way to go regarding this fresh approach. Public servants have really messed up the system. It’s quite a situation.




I am concerned that the IFMIS story was published in the newspaper before the reporter contacted the relevant officials for comment.

At least the permanent secretary for the finance ministry should have been allowed to comment on the matter.

The Lesotho Times’ editors should have at least tried to assist the poor woman by inquiring from senior government officials on the woman’s behalf.

It is true that the system has caused big problems, but we need to get answers from the news that we read not just stories without positive recommendations.


Likhomo Basotho.


Phakoe Nkau

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