Why I now carry a gun: Litjobo



President of Youth League, Thuso Litjobo
President of Youth League, Thuso Litjobo

Billy Ntaote

Democratic Congress (DC) Youth League President Thuso Litjobo says he now carries a gun to protect himself after receiving death threats from DC members accusing him of pushing for the ouster of party leader and Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili.

According to Mr Litjobo, he was informed of the plot to kill him “a few months ago” and immediately informed the police “but no arrests have been made to date about it” hence he had decided to protect himself.

Mr Litjobo, who was elected DC Youth League leader in September last year, is alleged to belong to a faction supporting deputy party leader Monyane Moleleki.

Although he denies belonging to any faction, insisting he works for the good of the party, Mr Litjobo’s “detractors”, as he calls them, accuse him of agitating for the ouster of Dr Mosisili before his term expires in 2018.

But addressing the League’s meeting at the Cooperatives College in Maseru on Saturday night, Mr Litjobo said factionalism in the DC had gone to the extent that some party members wanted him dead. He said the assassination had been planned in a cabinet minister’s office at Post Office building.

He would not name the minister by name or if he or she was present when the killing was being planned.

Mr Litjobo, who made the announcement as delegates started coughing amid claims “someone” had pepper-sprayed the hall, further said the assassination was supposed to be carried out that night at the conference.

“It is better that you’re coughing from pepper-spray because it is not going to kill you. You should know that there was a plot against my life. This plot was hatched in one of the ministers’ office at Moposo building.

“The plan was that I should be killed today. It is a shame that our relations in the party have deteriorated to the extent that there is a plot to murder me in cold blood,” he said.

Mr Litjobo also said he had learnt that his “detractors” were accusing some unnamed DC youths of carrying firearms to political rallies when in fact, they were referring to him.

“I challenge them to face me directly instead of talking about some DC youths, because I carry my gun to rallies due to the death threats I have just talked about,” said Mr Litjobo.

He vowed to continue carrying the weapon for as long as there are “criminals” threatening his life. Mr. Litjobo repeated the same statement yesterday in an interview with the Lesotho Times.

“I am the one who is going to rallies carrying a gun, like I said. And I am not afraid to come out and declare that I carry a gun as it is not an illegal firearm. I am simply protecting myself from criminals,” declared Mr Litjobo.

Asked if he was aware of Mr Litjobo’s report about being threatened with death, police spokesperson Clifford Molefe yesterday said he would have to check first before commenting on the matter.

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