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Who wrote the letter?

by Lesotho Times

MASERU ––  A letter purportedly written by the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) youth league asking Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili to fire some ministers has caused consternation.

The youth leader, Mosala Mojakisane, has disowned the letter but admits the letter was handed to him by a youth league member. He, in turn, handed the letter to party secretary general Mothetjoa Metsing.

Mojakisane says they are investigating the source of the letter yet he admits that he knows the identity of the authors.

This has raised suspicions about his involvement in the saga. This week our senior reporter Caswell Tlali spoke to Mojakisane about the saga. 


Tlali: When you publicly announced at one LCD rally that the youth league did not know anything about the letter, were you being honest?

Mojakisane: It was true that we did not know the youths who handed us the letter and it is still our position that we do not know them.

Tlali: Surely you must know the identity of the person who gave you that letter.

Mojakisane: When I say we do not know those youth, I mean that we know some of them as people but we cannot give them any label except that they were party youths who had gathered at the party’s offices.

Tlali: So you know the identity of the person from whom you received the letter? Why can’t you just name him instead of saying there is an investigation?

Mojakisane: No. I cannot do that because their matter is still being dealt with internally.

 Tlali: What are you planning to do to them?

Mojakisane: I cannot reveal that, as we are still dealing with the matter internally. You will know these things when the time has come. There will be a report which will be in the public domain and you will know all these things.

Tlali: It sounds quite unlikely that you have started investigating the identity of the people you already know. I mean if you know the source of the letter, then what is the purpose of having an investigation.

Mojakisane: What do you mean by that? I do not understand you. I have said I personally have full knowledge of the youth who gave me the letter and the letter cannot be attributed to the youth league. It was from some party youth who had gathered at the party’s offices, some of whom we knew.

Tlali: Are there plans for a disciplinary action against them?

Mojakisane: Why should I do so? The LCD has its own way of working out things such as these.

Tlali: What is the LCD doing to ensure that their matter is addressed?

Mojakisane: Look, we have structures in the LCD which are bestowed with powers to attend such issues. It does not mean that because I lead the youth league I will do the duties which are supposed to be done by other party structures.

Tlali: So you mean that they will face justice?

Mojakisane: It will happen. Their time is coming.

Tlali: How can you convince anybody that you were not part of the youth who wrote the letter and that they were not part of your faction?

Mojakisane: First of all, I do not have a faction in the LCD. Furthermore, I have nothing to do with the letter. I merely went to the party’s offices to collect it.

Tlali: Do you not think that restlessness such as this among the party youth is a threat to the LCD unity?

Mojakisane: We are more united than ever before.

Tlali: What makes you so confident that there will be no more splits?

Mojakisane: We are a united party because some elements that caused splits have left us to form their own parties. The remaining ones are real LCD members who hold on to the principles set in our constitution. There is an adage which says what is happening on earth is also happening in heaven. If people are sifted in heaven whereby the good receive the eternal life and the bad ones are punished, this is also happening in the LCD. The bad ones have left us and we have remained with only the good ones. I can assure you that there will be no split.

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