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Who would have gotten the numbers here?

by Lesotho Times

I HAVE a number of bones to pick with an exact number of parties who are responsible for the announcement of the seventh billionth human being!

But first of all let me show that I am a well raised Mosotho girl, and give respect to He who made it possible and all those that passed through this earth and made it possible!

Then, I give respect to the ones who gave life to us, so that we could be here to witness and share this stupendous moment!

Finally I congratulate the owners of the cute bundle of joy, and welcome this sweet thing into our neighbourhood!

So, back to the matter at hand, I’d really love to know how much went into this serious research (I got a feeling it’s documented and accessible somewhere!) I know, I know, this is a very rational research project; unlike one I saw, in which
millions went into trying to determine the fastest shrimp (did we really have to know that?)

There are a number of advantages on receiving such information about the x billionth baby!

OK, first it reminds us to look back over our shoulders and see all the people who have crossed our paths, then smile; and then look straight ahead think about all those we are yet to meet, gleefully rub our hands, march forward, then give a hearty belly laugh!

Also with so many countries suffering and so many other more trying to help them, it helps to know the numbers so that they stay on their toes; I am certain it would be a disaster of note if a donor country could ever go broke just because they got their maths wrong!

Eish, I can babble for days on the advantages, and silly me I am just realising that I have digressed again!

The whole point today is about the bones. I have already mentioned money, there’s more on that topic, but I am not going t oget into it, some have it, others don’t — fact of life — and we all need more!

Anyway, I am actually worried; what if this piece of information that was broadcast worldwide (maybe even the Martians saw it on their local networks) was slightly wrong!?

Before some of you, especially the brainy ones, start prepping my effigy, let me try to explain what I mean!

In my very layman understanding we were given this number (the billionth) after careful calculations, and not assumptions, akere?

This means that every country, every nation, even the very isolated tribes — which are still called lost, yet now we know about them — have been submitting information about births and deaths on a fairly regular basis!

Do you really think that is happening? Come now, how would these people know about a poor baby buried in a shallow unmarked grave, far up in the mountains, because the parents could not afford a proper burial, and only reported it to the local chief, who might have forgotten to even log it!

And remember the world’s cultures are diverse, so this is treated differently in different places!

How would they get hold of information on birth of children born at the right time, in the wrong family, who the people that are supposed to be protecting them have made their sole purpose to punish the poor souls for coming to grace us with their presence — when they should be punishing themselves for being heartless!

Mmmhhh, how do they know about children who grow up on the streets, literally; born there and living there for years!

This thinking made my head hurt, so I asked someone who I consider knowledgeable if I was going nuts!

She explained we are in a fast paced world whereby the data available can be used, along with a lot of thinking and calculations, to come up with the exact number; it would have even taken into consideration the numbers that never went into the book!

This just made my point stick — that we may be (just maybe) celebrating the birth, a good thing, but the number is a bit off the mark!

Come on, think about it; I bet some of you can even come up with some more tangible and even scientific excuses for us to stretch this little argument ey! Then it hit me!

I should not fault just the people who made this announcement, but everyone who is part of this planet!

And yes there are exceptions; babies, toddlers, they are so innocent — leave them out of this!

Each government must have a set way to record births and deaths, thus they must be up-to-date about their countries and its people, they should stop just thinking about filling their pockets, (y’all know it happens, and important things are put aside).

As citizens of any country that actually has elections at times, we must register! Unfortunately some of our brothers and sisters live under an iron thumb or their countries are torn apart by devastating wars! This makes my point stronger, who would have gotten the numbers here?

Yes there are aid workers, but we all know there are some hard -to-reach places, and priorities about preserving lives sometimes shifts!

I can go on and on, but that would not really make any difference as the people whose mindsets should change are our leaders.

This is the reason I am throwing those bones I have picked at anyone who is in the way of our happiness in any way and especially if you are in a position of power!

Get over yourselves and start serving us, the people who put you in power, and watch out, there is more of us now!

And I want to know I am the “how many-th” person! lol.

Moleboheng Rampou is a freelance writer based in Maseru.

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