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When DJs masquerade as journos

by Lesotho Times
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This week we start with a quiz but there are no prizes for the correct answer.

Who spilled this bile last week: “I beg you to report accurately. In other countries journalists are killed. Your biased reporting will result in the ‘falling’ of one of you.”

If your answer says something about some ageing opposition leader who likes to whine every time things don’t go his way then you are right. 

This reckless threat to the media came from our own John McCain.

The old man was angered that the media was reporting about his struggling movement.

That movement he claims to have sired.

What angered Scrutator most is that this misdirected threat was coming from a man who has been having a field-day in the media criticising other politicians.

Now that the tables have turned he has the guts to stand on the tallest mountain to complain.

When your body is older and weaker any little slap feels like a blow.

The man was just given a little spank but he is crying like he has been trampled upon by an elephant.

But I reckon these are the side effects of surrounding oneself with people whose day-job is to lick your boots till they are blindingly shiny. 

I am not a bootlicker so I will tell him like it is.

Listen very carefully old man.  

That party you call yours belongs to the people.

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