Vybz line up independence show



Selektah Che..Mohalenyane Phakela

RAGGA Vybz Sound System is set to celebrate the nation’s 49 years of independence with a show tomorrow at RockView Beer Garden in Khubetsoana.

According to Selektah Che of the pioneering dancehall and reggae group, the show, which is dubbed “Independence Chillout Session”, will commemorate the lowering of the Union Jack for the last time on 4 October 1966, paving the way for Lesotho to chart its own destiny.

“Independence Day is a reminder of how our nation got liberated from British colonial rule. The premise of the show is to celebrate the milestone in a way that the current generation can also relate to,” he said.

“The Independence Chillout Session is more than just about music; it is also a platform for exchanging positive vibes, promoting style, fashion trends and encouraging freedom of expression as opposed to conformism. It is basically the celebration of beautiful souls.

“Our main focus is the youth. A lot of young artistes are becoming more and more innovative, and we feel they need to be in one place on a regular basis to share their concepts and ideas with each other.”

Selektah Che said the show would be held at RockView Beer Garden to promote other entertainment venues and break the monotony of revelers always flocking to one club.

“Our intention is to rotate the venues we perform in every two weeks and bring variety to the entertainment scene. Since there is no admission fee to our shows, we will only be holding them in Maseru,” he said.

In addition to Ragga Vybz’ Meloh, Sensi Ranxx and Khahliso, the show’s line up will also include Hyrachy, TGP, Fire Flames and Khasu Boy as well as such deejays as Acxaveli, Razor, Mitch and Chivib.

Ragga Vybz is Lesotho’s premier reggae movement, and behind such shows as Summa Mash UP and Afro Souls. They also organised last month’s performance by Jamaican reggae artist Sizzla Kolanji at the Khubetsoana-based 4Fordy nightclub


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