Volunteer recalls attack

By Nat Molomo

MASERU — A member of the American Peace Corps Volunteer collapsed and colleague fell down as the gunmen shot at him, the High Court heard on Tuesday.

Thomas Carmine a peace corp volunteer based at Katse was fatally shot by a gunman in 2010.

Samantha Huehner, who has been brought from the US as a crown witness, was facing Bongani Masito Moferefere Tšoarella Khetha, the man who allegedly attacked them on that fateful night.

Bongani, who has pleaded not guilty before Acting Justice Molefi Makara and two assessors, is charged with three others, Thabo Letsosa, Ramajoe Ratšiu and Theane Mohapi, who are still at large.

They are facing four counts, which include thefts, murder and robbery.

It is alleged that on September 3, 2010 near Maseru Sun Cabanas main gate Khetha, acting with the trio who are still at large and whose whereabouts are not known to the prosecutor, killed Thomas Carmine.

According to the indictment on the same day Khetha still acting in common purpose threatened Huehner  and Carmine that unless they consented to their taking money, bank cards and jewellery from Huehner, they would shoot them if they resisted.

They then shot Thomas Carmine and stole his property and that of Samantha Huehner.

The next day the accused allegedly withdrew M220 from the deceased’s account using an ATM card. Case continues.


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