Vodacom Red Hot Concert rocks

MASERU — The Vodacom Red Hot Concert was the place to be on Friday.

The show was billed as the hottest event on the Easter entertainment calendar.

According to Vodacom Lesotho’s managing executive Tsabiso Letsoela the show was meant to involve people in the launch of the telecommunications company’s rebranding.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Scores of people were sported on the streets of Maseru wearing red T-shirts branded Vodacom early in the day.

Music started blazing as early as 12:30pm to attract revellers to the venue, Maseru Club.

To ensure diversity, South African stars made it to stage during the day.

“We didn’t book the South African artistes to perform at night but to perform at the Vodacom Concert and this was irrespective of the time,” Letsoela told the Weekender.

He added: “We wanted to ensure that we make a statement to our customers and to everyone who attended the show.”

Thousands of revellers flocked to Maseru Club and merrymakers who failed to buy tickets early were forced to enjoy the revelry from outside the venue.

Police patrolled Kingsway Street to ensure revellers outside were peaceful while security guards made sure Maseru Club was a safe place to party.

The likes of Bongo Maffin, Chommie and Fatere blazed their performances making fans to dance along.

Chommie took the lead with her performance as she kept revellers glued to the stage watching her sexy dance moves.

Her costumes left little for imagination but brought a lot of entertainment.

The line-up was hot and our local Mr Maps as emcee of the show made it easier to fall back and enjoy the compilation of local and South African entertainers.

A fan, Bokang Makhupane, said: “This event is by far the hottest and safest ever. Since I got here during the day the fun has accelerated.”

The concert ended at sunrise allowing those without their own transport to catch taxis home.

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