Valentine’s Day dance set

By Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Local outfit Dance-life Club will present an unforgettable performance of art, dance and song at Ster Kinekor Cinema on February 15.

This Valentine’s Day celebration show is set be a night of bliss showcasing a wide range of dances, from ballroom to contemporary dance and the classical Sofia Town.
It will also incorporate poetry and drama.

One of the organisers, Mogomotsi “Big Dann” Mabusela, who is also the choreographer of those dances said, the association will introduce wheelchair dancing on that day.
“If you look at the local sporting field, you will find that disabled people are not given the platform to explore their talents.

“We are only trying to make the public aware of the fact that even if someone is disabled, he or she needs to be socially accepted and feel like part of the community,” he said.
Mabusela said the show will also raise funds for the association in preparation for international challenges to take place later this year.

“Our biggest challenge is getting the appropriate attire for the dancers, which is very expensive.
“We have about seven couples who need proper outfits which cost about M11 000.
“The apposite outfit is important in that it boosts the dancer’s confidence and in international competitions the judges start tallying points by the way the couple presents itself.”
The annual Queen’s Birthday championship where local dancers compete with those from other southern African countries will take place sometime in June.

They need to be fully prepared for the occasion as it will give them the opportunity to perform in a big competition to be held in Madagascar in August. But this will be determined by the quality of their performance.


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