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Use bikes to end congestion-Biker Boy

by Lesotho Times
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Nthatuoa Koeshe

A MASERU riding school, Biker Boy, has embarked on a mission to offer free riding lessons to prospective riders in a bid to reduce congestion on the city’s roads.

While most riders use motorcycles for the love of adrenaline sports, Biker Boy Riding School says using bikes could end Maseru’s congestion problems.

The school which was founded in 2017 with only four students, is located in Lithabaneng and has so far trained 35 students.

Founder of the school, Pitso Ntsukunyabe, well known as the Biker Boy, told the Weekender that the initiative to give free lessons was brought about after realising that bikes were more convenient than cars in terms of congestion and people do not realise that because they do not know how to ride them.

He said if most motorists resorted to using bikes which are fast, the congestion in Maseru could be significantly reduced during peak periods.

“If people start considering using bikes as much as they use cars the congestion challenges can be combated,” Biker Boy said adding that he wishes to see motorcycles becoming as popular as cars in the country.

He said he was aware that most people were not eager to learn how to ride bikes because of the fear that bikes are dangerous but said if prospective riders took lessons and learnt how to ride, they would get over their fears.

Biker Boy said the initiative was also to give back to the community for those who are eager to learn but do not have money to pay for the lessons.

Biker Boy currently has 10 super bikes and scooters which he uses for the lessons.

“We offer three lessons in a week with each being one hour and the students can choose days which they are comfortable with.”

He said after the lessons, the school takes the students to the Traffic Department offices for competency tests and if they succeed, they then apply for their licenses.

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