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Unkle Krack, Mega Hertz release duet

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Nthatuoa Koeshe

FEUD or attention seeking stunt? This is the question that has been in many music lover’s minds before rappers Mega Hertz and Unkle Krack released their hot new collaboration titled Ak’u Ik’hantše (Be proud).

The two rap heavyweights had appeared to be destined for a beef prior to the release.

It all started when Unkle Krack posted on Facebook urging Mega Hertz to remember who was the leader on the rap scene.

“It wasn’t long when I told Mega Hertz that’s that I rule this game and he is pretending to not remember,” read the status in Sesotho.

The post got massive attention from the artistes’ fans with some suggesting that the two releases diss tracks to settle their feud.

Mega Hertz appeared not to take the jab lying down advising his fellow artiste to start liking him as hate would not benefit him.

However, all that has now been proven to be just a publicity stunt to get attention for their new project.

Unkle Krack told the Weekender that he had never planned the collaboration but he recently got the idea when he listened to one of his recordings and knew that Mega Hertz would fit in well.

“I had recorded a verse and a hook sometime back and when I revisited my work, I decided to send it to Mega Hertz and see if he wanted to be part of it,” Unkle Krack said.

Unkle Krack said Mega Hertz liked the track so much that he returned it on the same day with his own verses.

He said they employed the publicity stunt because they knew that it would be effective given that beef among artistes attracts huge traffic on social media.

Born Neo Malea, Unkle Krack started doing music in 2009 and released his first mixtape called Changes in 2017. The 15-track compilation explores the artiste’s life story and how he ended up in the music industry.

He recently released a titled Actions Loud which has also enhanced his popularity.

Born Thaabe Letsie, Mega Hertz is well known for rapping in Sesotho. His popularity grew in 2016 after the release of his track Lineo Mathaba. He is also known for his track Mookho which in 2016 became an anthem that was played in all corners of Maseru.


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