Two nurses brutally killed in Thaba-Bosiu

Keiso Mohloboli

TWO female nurses were found dead in a donga in Ha Mosalla village on Tuesday this week, in what detectives said was one of the most brutal crime scenes they had ever attended.
The nurses, whose ages have been estimated to be between 30 and 40, had last been seen alive on Monday evening at Mmelesi Lodge.

The Lesotho Times has since established one of the nurses was employed at the Ministry of Health headquarters, while her colleague worked at Motebang Hospital in Leribe.

According to detectives who attended the crime scene, the women had been badly beaten up and their skulls crushed, and then dumped in a donga in Ha Mosalla in Thaba-Bosiu.
“There was a sharp, blood-soaked rock in the donga where the women were found, and what looked like brain-matter since their skulls had been crushed. We suspect that the stone was used to smash those women’s faces because their heads were brutally crushed. This was one of the most brutal crime scenes I have ever attended and it left me very disturbed, ” one police investigator, who requested anonymity, told the Lesotho Times.

Another police investigator said: “When we searched the women, we were lucky to find a cell-phone with airtime and we used it to establish that the two women were nurses who had been attending workshops at Khotsong and Mmelesi lodges in Thaba-Bosiu.”

The District Commissioner – Maseru Urban, Senior Superintendent Mofokeng Kolo, told the Lesotho Times that police investigations had revealed that the two now-deceased nurses were friends.
“We have established that the two were friends and they were both last seen alive on Monday around 9pm,” Senior Superintendent Kolo said.
“We have also found out that one of the nurses left Mmelesi Lodge driving her navy-blue golf, which has not yet been recovered.”

‘Matebello Tsiki, who shared a room at Mmelesi on Monday with one of the now-deceased nurses, told the Lesotho Times that she was shocked when she heard about the woman’s suspected murder.
“I did not expect to hear such horrific news; we were in our room in the late hours of Monday after we had eaten our dinner. We were then joined by our two colleagues, who were sharing another room, and started sharing some drinks.

Immediately after the other two had gone back to their room, my roommate was on her mobile phone around 9pm and quickly told me that she was going to the reception and would be back.
Surprisingly, she started her car that was parked just in front of the room we were sharing. And then she was gone.

“I became so worried when hours passed and she had not come back, but I thought she would give me a call to tell me that she was OK. She left her handbag, and her other cell-phone here in the room, which is why I thought she was coming back.
“I was terrified when the police came to tell our coordinator that she was found with her friend and that both were dead,” Ms Ntsiki said.

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