Treks lined up ahead of Moshoeshoe Walk



Mohalenyane Phakela

ORGANISERS of the annual Moshoeshoe Walk are set to hold a promotional expedition on August 29 from Makhoroana to Malimong as a precursor to the mainMoshoeshoe walk.... event scheduled for March next year.

The Moshoeshoe Walkis an annual event which traces the route King Moshoeshoe I and his people took as they fled from his birthplace Menkhoaneng to Thaba Bosiu during the Lifacane period.

Founded by local tourism company, T-Connexion, in 2007, the walk is meant to re-kindle the spirit of unity amongst Basotho as embodied in the monarch’s legacy and to promote team-building skills as well as domestic tourism.

The event is usually held during Moshoeshoe’s Day commemorations on 11 March, and has over the years attracted immense interest from locals and foreign tourists.

According to T Connexion Events Coordinator, Khotsofalang Jobo, the walk from Mokhoroana to Malimong is meant to be a build up to the 2016 edition, since it would also mark the 10th anniversary of the walk.

“We are spicing things up in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the historic walk which has managed to market Lesotho’s tourism destinations over the years,” Jobo said in an interview with the Weekender this week.

“The walk from Makhoroana to Malimong will be a pilot promotional event, with more to come before the main event.

“We have chosen to start with this walk because most of the time we pass through Mokhoroana and Malimong in the evening when it is already dark with most people too tired to pass through on foot. As a result, they are not able to see the tourist attractions in the areas.”

The promotional tour will encompass such historic sites as Mahlatsa, where legend has it that the cannibals who ate Moshoeshoe I’s grandfather, Peete, vomited while in Malimong famed cannibal Raboshabane would waylay his victims.

“The promotional walk will also raise funds for the 2016 event and also foster a culture of hiking,” he said.

“We will also hold workshops teaching communities how to use recycled material to make products for sell to tourists who participate in the walk.”

There will also be a buildup walk from Butha Buthe to ‘Mate in October, while another one in January which will also include charitable activities with the sponsors able to market their products and services.

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