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Tough one fo sho!

by Lesotho Times
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A WEEK away from payday and as coinless as a church mouse — that just wasn’t enough to dissuade Red Square from checking out what was happening at one of our few spots in town.

In any case, she was too depressed to find good sleep without drowning an awful day at work in the merry waters.

Convinced that she would bump into some generous dude who would douse her thirst, the chic chick hit the road.

Red Square stays a couple of kilometres from the city centre.

It had been long since she had last been to town on foot.

That night she had no option but to walk.

It was getting dark and only a few people were still wandering in town.

Well, she grew up in one of the toughest ghettos so she had nothing to worry about.

Red Square decided to take a short cut.

A few yards from her favourite watering hole, a naked man brandishing a big dagger emerged from a dark corner.

She could see the man was unhinged and could harm her.

Her heart skipped!

Red Square did not even have the energy to flee.

Ausi, what do you want of these two?” the man bellowed, pointing first at his knife and then manhood.

The options were hard.

Red Square did not want to die a painful death.

Not at that young age to leave the likes of Savanna, Redd’s and Sherry enjoying life in this world alone!

She wanted to scream but could not.

As the nutty dude moved closer to her, she knew she had to make an impromptu decision.

“You can give me that,” she murmured, trembling as she pointed to the mad man’s thing, not the knife.

She had opted to be “raped”!

Before she even closed her eyes to say a small prayer, the mad man, in one swoosh, hacked off his manhood!

What the heck!

“Here you are,” he said, handing the detached manhood to Red Square.


Red Square has not been seen around since last weekend.

But Cde Carling has promised to sweet-talk her out of hiding so that those who still doubt this narration can hear it from, as they say, the horse’s mouth.

Oh, is she a horse? Well, we’ll talk about horses and riding next time.

By the way, anyone with information on the whereabouts of the deranged man is guaranteed a six pack!

We want to know whether it was re-attached or not.

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