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Top duo busy on graft play

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Two of Lesotho’s internationally acclaimed directors, actors and playwrights are working in collaboration with the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Offences (DCEO) to produce an anti-corruption play.

The DCEO has engaged Gonzales Scout and Henry Ramaphike to produce a play that addresses corruption issues in the country.

“We have been approached by the anti-corruption unit to write a play about corruption issues in the country,” Scout told the Lesotho Times last week.

He said the play’s premiere is scheduled for the Lesotho Educational College in three weeks’ time.

“We are working on the play and I believe it will be ready for the stage in three weeks’ time,” he said.

Scout said the play will educate people on how corruption affects communities and the nation at large.

“We are not singling out any form of corruption in this play,” he said.

“We are only teaching people that corruption starts in the communities and how it will hound them when civil servants do it.”

Scout has played in international plays like Mother of All Eating, By Way of the Rock and National Arrogance.

He also features in local films such as Kau La Poho and Untitled.

His colleague, Ramaphike, did voice-overs in The Gods Must be Crazy and acted in Mehloti and Unfaithful Woman.

Ramaphike has written and featured in Naked Times as well.

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