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T Mech
T Mech

Mohalenyane Phakela

RAPPER, T-Mech, and socialite Thithy Diaho will on Saturday host the second edition of their joint birthday celebrations at Times Café.

T-Mech and Diaho share the same 6 February birthday and hosted the first edition of the TNT (T-Mech and Thithy) celebrations last year under the theme “Milk and Chocolate”.

This time around, the Basali hitmaker and socialite will hold a Traffic Lights-themed bash in which guests wear different colours indicating their relationship status.

According to T-Mech, revelers will choose from three colours; red, green and yellow. The colour codes derive from the traffic light signal colours indicating red for stop, yellow for caution/slow down, and green for go.

He said the colour green means that one is single and looking for a relationship, yellow may mean unsure or that one is in a relationship but still open to advances, while red means that one is in a relationship, or not looking for one.

T-Mech said the TNT party revolved around the theme of love.

“Last year, TNT gave people the ‘Milk and Chocolate Party’. As we celebrate our birthdays again this February, TNT and Times Café will host the Traffic Lights Party,” T-Mech told the Weekender this week.

“We figured that it would be appropriate to hold the party under the love theme since our birthdays are in February. Hopefully, it will make the event even more exciting by giving folks the chance to link up through  the three-colour theme; red – taken, yellow- its complicated/maybe and green-go for it/available.

“A lot of people broke up during the December festivities, as is usually the norm, so we thought Saturday’s party will give people the opportunity to reconcile or find new love.”

The event’s entertainment lineup will include Trybz, Nine24, Laurel, Baby Girl, Msl Relo, Eco DJ and Boxfr3sh along with tattoo artist, Fatal Rebel, who will also ink revelers during the party.

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