Times to host all-female show



DJ EL Asla
DJ EL Asla

Mohalenyane Phakela

TIMES Café will on Saturday host an all-female show featuring deejays, rappers, singers and poets.

Dubbed Les Queens on the Decks, the event is the first of many meant to prove that female artistes are capable of staging shows on their own.

Deejays Linah, Palycetra, Senate Mazzino, DJ Echo, DJ El Asla and Deepee are all expected to light up the show with their skills on the deck while the likes of Queen Mo, Kot Inferno, Miss Jijjy, Mel P and Mimi G will also give performances in their different music genres.

Deejay El Asla said the event was borne out of the frustration many a female artist felt by being left out of most major shows by their male counterparts.

“After realising that we are not considered when major events in the country, we came together as female deejays (collectively known as Femjays) to show people that we are also capable of staging shows that will give revelers something to write home about,” El Asla said in an interview with the Weekender this week.

“Lesotho has always had female artists but it is on rare occasions when just one or two of us are featured on any of the shows. It’s as if we are not competent enough to entertain the crowd.

“Being sidelined can only be a drawback for upcoming female artists and others who wish to join the industry. They will ask whether it’s worth the effort when they don’t see any breakthroughs being achieved by those who are already in the industry.  Therefore this is something we are working to eradicate.”

El Asla said they had invited different female artistes specializing in various genres because they all faced the same challenges in the entertainment industry. She added that the show would serve an as introduction for even bigger projects to be held at later dates.

“We have also invited rappers, singers and poets as the aim is to provide a platform for all female artistes to showcase their talent,” El Asla said.

“This is just the beginning as we are planning an epic festival to be held towards the end of the year. It will also feature foreign female heavyweights.”

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