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This is all in the name of recession

by Lesotho Times



Can  someone, anyone, please explain to me where recession originates from?

I mean, where exactly did it start? Which country?

I have a few things to say to whoever started this ball rolling, because I have a vague idea that he or she is not suffering as much as the rest of us!

This phenomenon has turned the whole world inside out! Yo!

The pinch of this thing has been felt by both big and small, and yeah we know that others have felt it more than others!

However, the truth of the matter is that some of us have lived with this animal called recession for most of our lives!

Seriously, I tell you! For some of us, this is not a new thing at all.

It is what we have come to know to be life as it is.

If the truth be told, for some folk it is rather insulting to say they have been affected by the recent version of recession.

They are poor and have been poor for a while, circumstances and bad luck have put them in that situation… not some world-wide crash of the markets!

I know what I just said is rather harsh, but it is true.

The poverty in our beautiful country is scary.

People living from hand to mouth are quite many, and it means, (according to those guys sitting in their air-conditioned offices) that this is bad for the country.

If they believed that, or at least meant it, they would at least try to do something about it right?

I mean — wait! This is not the line I want to take… this path will raise too many spooks and I am not in the mood nor frame of mind to be haunted.

If only life played out just like in the movies, I think we would never have to worry about this monster called recession.

If only we could always expect happy endings where everyone has a sheepish grin and the knowledge that the monster terrorising the people has been vanquished and we are all going to live happily ever after.

Imagine a super-hero, let’s call him Money-Bags (catchy name hey!), coming to the rescue of a businessman who has to lay off his already underpaid staff, after being attacked by the deranged and dangerous monster called recession.

He would swoop down from his chair in the office, and with a booming voice will shout “Money-Bags to the rescue” — his cape made out of paper (the type that makes bank notes) and a body armour made out of coins.

He would stop swindlers, he would stop misers and he would give to the poor. In his reign there will be no poor people… just the occasional broke person.

I can already see this movie raking in millions at the box-office but then we want this in real life and the fact is we cannot have it!

Yeah there are some Mr Money-Bags out there, but most are just the villians not super-heroes, let alone good guys!

We are just left with some ruthless business people who exploit then discard. Well, in my opinion that is how it happens, and that’s why if you have a problem with what I am saying you can come and explain a few things.

One being how come you have so much money but there are still children who go to bed hungry almost every night in your hood.

I know it is not your fault, but Mr Money-Bags you can help.

Yes, you had to let some of your staff go because of the recession recently, but you had not been paying them good salaries to begin with.

Yet their sweat and tears have filled your pockets to the brim (that is why you end up stashing the rest in some off-shore account).

I am not preaching to all the Money-Bags on what to do with their money, I am just saying maybe the recession was just a wake-up call to some!

What do you think?

There were suicides and murders all in the name of recession!

But I have learnt a few things from this animal called recession, one being to always have a stash for rainy days.

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