These fights must stop


Moorosi Tsiane

THE Lesotho Taekwondo Association (LTA) was recently ordered to shun nine clubs from participating in this weekend’s annual general meeting (AGM) by the High Court.

This after the High Court recently ruled that the said clubs were ineligible members of the association as they never applied for membership while some had their memberships terminated.

Limkokwing, Ngoatonyane, ‘Mabathoana, Abia, Lepereng, Bishop De Mazenod, Hlotse, Itekeng, and Lithabaneng are the nine clubs that have been barred from the elections.

In November last year, some clubs filed an urgent application before the High Court seeking an order to stop the LTA from holding an AGM to remove the above-mentioned sides from the list of clubs entitled to partake in the AGM.

I think this has been going on for too long now and the LTA must start working to find lasting solutions to its problems.

I honestly believe these cases are uncalled for, especially because the people involved are only hiding behind court cases while they are trying to push for their own agendas using the association.

It has become the norm in most of national federations that whenever are due for elective AGMs, feuds take the centrestage.

Federation of Athletics Lesotho is going through the same challenges with members fighting when to hold elections.

It was the same case with Lesotho Boxing Association (LBA) while the Lesotho Lawn Tennis Association (LTTA) has since been suspended by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for similar reasons.

Lesotho Netball Association (LNA) was supposed to have gone for elections last year but that has not happened because of petty fights.

Funny enough, some of the leaders claim to be working voluntarily without any benefits but the fights they put up to remain in power speaks otherwise.

And no matter how much energy is exerted into securing posts, the state of the respective sports remains the same. Instead, they would be busy concentrating on per diems.

I long for the day when the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) relooks some of the associations’ constitutions to ensure that each committee serves for a maximum of two terms. It is clear that some have become so complacent and have forgotten to do the necessary work.

This is the cancer which is eating up all our associations and it must be cured immediately.

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