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The ultimate solution for world peace

by Lesotho Times

There is so much strife and heartache in our world as we speak!

There are wars, there is famine, there is inequality, there is crime and all other bizarre occurrences and events that make life unbearable, as evidenced by the high suicide statistics!

There is so much human suffering caused by stress and all other ailments which in turn cause high mortality rates.

In short, life is really grim, and unfortunately there is no one to blame but us, the homo sapiens!

I, as a non-expert of life, science and the human mind, have an opinion, maybe two, on how we can try to reduce some or most of these things happening on our battered earth.

Note that I am basing my not-so-well-thought-out opinion on some information I read somewhere, in some publication, by some expert some time ago!

Let me re-tell you a well known story to make my point!

This incident took place in a far off land — it made headlines all over the world.

In this far off land, the land of prosperity and liberty, the all powerful superpower; one of their leaders caused a rucus with a certain damsel (not in distress) wearing a certain blue dress.

Just to jog your memory, the incident that got this powerful man nearly impeached happened in the Oval Office, under the great desk!

For those as slow as I am, maybe this quotation will help you remember that very interesting saga: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

Let us go back in time and examine the term of office of this interesting individual and you will be my witness that his term did not have much strife and wars as compared to his predecessors and those that came after him!

And in my belief, it is because he had a healthy appetite in the bedroom!

Unfortunately he had to go get it outside, we should look to the wife I guess!

Okay, my brief anecdote about this great man is to actually illustrate the benefits of partaking in a consensual meeting of minds and bodies in a mutually beneficial manner.

To go back just a bit, so I make my point and pass, it has actually been scientifically proven that people who have and enjoy a lot of sex, have less stress than prudes.

I got this from that article that I mentioned earlier!

Look, think about it, after a good session there is one or a couple more things that happen to participants, and scientifically explained, it is due to hormones secreted into the blood stream.

Apparently, for the males of the species (not all), they usually become soft (and cuddly) during the process and then after, they become lethargic and very sleepy!

For the fairer sex, during the process, they are all song and praise, and after they are all energetic and they are full of spices and ideas.

So, in my ideal world, everyone would have consensual sex, enjoy it and practice it safely; I tell you, there would be less anxieties and worries of different sorts.

There would be less aggression; thus less wars and cat fights!

Everyone, well those of legal consenting age (because we all know they are the ones with more issues than any other) would treat each other with love most of the time.

And somehow would respect those younger than them and try and teach them passion for life.

They would approach their work and overall lives with serene minds and that inner energy that could put a stop to arguments and close that tap of bitterness that seems to be always open in some people’s systems!

I am no science buff but these hormones, endorphins and the likes are said to promote the brain to produce pulses that create a sense of happiness —  so if everyone, everyday, could be on cloud nine we might be onto a path of world peace! Kapa joang? (or what?)

Look, obviously there will have to be personal responsibility of actually practising this enjoyable act safely!

This is my solution for ultimate world peace. I am certainly not advocating reckless behaviour whereby my sisters open up for just every jimmy!

So, obviously, I cannot stress safety and responsibility enough!


Bonang hee (look here), the first step is to know your body — in and out; know what makes you tick so that you will be able to achieve ultimate pleasure; because you will be able to give good directions to your bedmate!

The second step is to relax and stop being such a prude, stop taking yourself too seriously and taking little things about full-chicken!

Then enjoy as much carnal pleasures as you can cram in!

Scientists say it is even good for the skin and keeps you younger!

You do the maths!

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