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The end of peace signals bad leadership

by Lesotho Times
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Audacious Tseby

HIT lists, abductions, shoot-outs, fleeing and hide-outs; this all sounds like something from a Hollywood action blockbuster where there is kingpin boss orchestrating and giving out orders for certain people to be murdered who are not in his good books.

Except, instead of this being a twisted plot in a Sopranos series, it is our stark reality in Lesotho. We are living our very worst nightmare with real life villains who will stop at nothing to reach their selfish means. There is nothing as frustrating as watching the thing you hold most dear go up in flames, in this case our beloved mother Lesotho who is being burned alive by savages worse than Lehlohonolo Scott himself. Savages, who smile with their front teeth, pretend niceties while planning a murderous spree in their minds.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to watch the South African Broadcasting Corporation broadcast about the deteriorating security situation in Lesotho can decipher clearly who is playing who in this supposed “game” as one of our leaders sees it.

The leader was all smiles while being interviewed, callously mentioning to the South African journalist that he doesn’t know what “security issues” were being referred to because as far as he was concerned, the country was running smoothly with no problems at all.

One wonders if the leader is living in the same country that we exist in, existing in because our state right now involves panic, terror, anxiety for what happens next in our beloved country and that cannot be called living, but we are merely just functioning as robots, performing our daily functions yet the yellow light is flashing in our minds, signifying the impending doom that is about to befall those of us who are not yet caught in the fire.

But one might argue that almost all of us are already in the fire, because the pain that is inflicted on our friends, neighbours and colleagues impacts us just as much.

Is our leader living in his own world where he does not see the alarming newspaper headlines and the daily radio programmes that forever update us on the fatalities that befall those we hold dear?

During his ridiculously ignorant rambling, the broadcaster made it a point to show the newspaper street posts and what was left unsaid at that moment was to confront him with the evidence. Does he mean to say that the media houses and the entire Basotho nation are insane and exaggerating the security situation despite all the evidence in front of our eyes?

Does the murder of prominent businessman Thabiso Tšosane mean nothing to him? Does the torture of soldiers living under inhumane conditions that no human being should ever be subjected to mean anything to him, as a leader of this country?

Or the senseless killing of a national treasure Brigadier Maaparankoe Mahao not send a chill down one’s spine? Or the fleeing of prominent journalists from the country?

I understand that he couldn’t be bothered at all about the fleeing of the opposition leaders to South Africa, making a mockery of their running, implying that they are not man enough to face the music. The way I see it, our ‘supposed leader’ is the only one who feels safe in the country.

One may wonder why he alone is not threatened by the situation. Through mere speculation, in order for one not to be threatened during times like this, they must have a card up their sleeve. My best bet is they are the puppet masters in all the ensuing chaos. This is just a hypothesis, but there is no smoke without fire. All I know is the truth always comes out in the end.

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