Thabane will rue split

Re: LWP takes on ABC, Lesotho Times, August 19-25 2010

 Lesotho Workers’ Party (LWP) leader Macaefa Billy is quoted as saying: “My view is that the old man (Thabane) should be called to order before he brings destruction into ABC.”

I have been saying all along that All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader Thomas Thabane is a basket case. He has no leadership qualities. He is careless. At least Billy has woken up and smelt the coffee!


What is Billy’s problem? It seems he cannot concentrate on his party’s problems and instead spends his time complaining about other people. If he is no longer comfortable with being a member of the ABC, he should leave those who want to stay there alone. Yet now he is even lobbying ABC members against their leader.  He is humiliating himself.


Thabane will pay dearly for ending the ABC/LWP alliance. Most of the urban constituencies that the ABC has were won thanks to the support of LWP members. It is a tragedy for a “leader” to lack foresight to this extent!


All the parties that mushroomed in the country after the founding parties will come crashing down, one by one, until the whole lot is just a history.

The ABC was never a party to be proud of. The LWP and the Lesotho Congress for Democracy are not excluded from this club either. Let’s look in the future and see the political destiny of our country unfolding before our own eyes.

Lots of young leaders are ignored under the shadows of the so-called current leaders.

Until it registers in our minds that leadership is a talent to be found across all sections of society, if only we search for it, the political future of this country will be bleak.

Dictatorship has no place in a democracy. Greed has been a seed of the destruction of many states. As John Maynard Keynes has concurred, “Those who don’t know their history are bound and doomed to repeat its mistakes.”

I have come to believe in his old expression.


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