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Tgee Modeling Agency fuses fashion, film

by Lesotho Times

Nthatuoa Koeshe

TGEE Modeling Agency will soon release the first of its Fashion Films Blast Off film to promote local designers.

The first fashion film will showcase Avant Cee Elle designs by Kabelo Lichaba.

Thato Fonya, the Tgee Modeling Agency manager told the Weekender this week that the first film would be released once the Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown ends.

Lesotho is currently on a three-week long lockdown which ends on 21 April to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. Although Lesotho is yet to report any cases, Lesotho remains on high alert due to the high number of infections in neighbouring South Africa. So far, the disease has killed two people in South Africa while over 1000 cases have been reported.

Fonya said the films are meant to help designers and models build their portfolios so that they penetrate the international market.

Fashion films are increasingly popular as more designers depart from using magazines that only cater for a few elite designers while films also reach larger audiences due to the advent of social media channels.

Fonya said they will also be shooting films of other designs such as Africa Rose, Jay Designs, Cograbig, Lush Lush Lifestyle and Robert Nkoso designs.

“We have decided to collaborate with fashion designers to help build their portfolios while at the same time building the portfolios of the Tgee Models and Sotho Kids Models,” Thato said.

“The films will showcase a compilation of designs from different designers along with their look books.”

Fonya since the local fashion industry is still in its infancy, they embarked onto the project to show potential markets in and outside the country the good work that Lesotho designers are doing.

“Fashion designers and brands are always searching for new ways to showcase their designs and build a loyal audiences and Tgee Modeling Agency believes that through film, brands, designers, photographers and videographers can effectively communicate their crafts to a wider audience. Film is also one of the fastest growing area of visual representation in fashion.”

Lichaba creates garments that incorporate modern and traditional fabrics to come up with striking and elegant looks.

Avant Cee Elle merges contemporary styles with traditional textiles to promote African cultures. Her designs are for men and women of all shapes and sizes and also teenagers.

The Avant Cee Elle film was shot on 21 March 2020 at Lekhalong-la-Baroa and Fonya hopes to submit it to international fashion television stations.

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