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Terror of mankind

by Lesotho Times
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Tears run down our streets. Tears fill oceans where they are met by the blood of the innocent; the innocent slaughtered and raped by the mortal beast that is mankind! Tears rain and sweep us away.
Tears of God are drowning us yet we look away. God is in tears upon the deeds of his children. Children of earth, what have you done to the creator?

Why does he cry unceasingly? Knowledge and wisdom have since deserted mankind. We have forgotten that to know and fear God is the first rule in life.
The things we do to each other are beyond description. Has our world become godless or has humanity become soulless?
He who has no soul in him has no God and he without God is the cause of inhuman humanity.
Man, you who was once spirited, wise and loved most among God’s creation, why have you disappointed him, your lover?
The June 19 edition of the Lesotho Times had a story of how a journalist was raped and robbed in Mazenod.

To many people, including myself, this was a true shock. We hear of such stories in other countries and one would not have imagined that one day our beautiful sky kingdom would be living such a nightmare.
What happened to us or is this yet another copied life-style? When I visited South Africa, I knew I could not walk freely with my cell phone and valuables, but coming home I would marvel at the freedom we had.
All of that is history now. If a woman could be raped and harassed without anyone coming to help, then surely we are heading for disaster.

We have become accustomed to evil around us, but that does not simplify their existence. Is there any pleasure derived from hurting a fellow being?
The killings that reign in Africa are astonishing. Not long ago we heard of how over 200 Nigerian girls were abducted with motives of turning them into slaves.
Why a sane mind would do this remains a mystery, but a good conclusion is that those who did this are insane for their actions are far from sanity.

Although many attempts to rescue the girls have been made, the captors remain adamant on their plans, despite the pain the families involved are going through.
When days get long and cold, one wonders what is becoming of the girls and where on this earth they could be.
Why have many African countries fired God from their administration?

While the world is still in shock upon the abduction of the girls, Nigeria introduced yet another tragedy where a football stadium was bombed by unknown people.
At this point one only wonders, what is next in Nigeria? What shock are they planning?

We live in a world of terror. Our fears are fed more than our hunger. Only last year a mall was bombed in Kenya, South African soldiers killed in the central republic of Africa and many cult killings continued throughout the world.

In Lesotho alone, we heard how people (youngsters) were brutally slaughtered by whom they knew and grew around.
This was no news to the Basotho since such murders are as old as time as itself.
Funny enough when a thief is caught, he is burnt to death but a murder is given freedom.
Many Basotho waited to hear the case of this notorious murder but it vanished into thin air.
Will we ever stop doing evil deeds to one another? Each day brings rise to something new, something to shock us all.
Not long ago I was watching a documentary about how the young girls in India are turned into prostitutes by force.

These young unknowing girls who usually come from poor families are made to believe that they will be schooled in the capital and are thus driven miles and miles from their families only to be forced into brothels where men turn them into objects to be toyed with.

What shocks the most is that some of these girls are sold by their families and these family members enjoy the money they get from brothel owners while their children suffer and lose themselves.
I found it very astonishing that nations would go to a stand still when they protest against something like global warming but turn a blind eye of this issue going on in India.
Police are involved in it so it is very difficult for one man to take a stand.
Many officials know about it and benefit from it. Is money that important that innocent girls with hopes of a better future would be destroyed by the very people they trust?
What kind of a man would willingly force himself onto a tearful girl and encourage his colleagues to do the same?
What sort of a woman would guard young girls and coach them into sleeping with men and then call herself madam?
Are tears no longer a sign of distress if one would continue to inflict pain on another despite their pleas?
Human trafficking has become worse than old time slavery. Why do men allow their bodily desires to rule them?
When a man meets a girl or woman alone in a deserted place, especially at night, rape enters his mind.
Gone are the time when a man looked down at a woman and thought of protecting her and her offsprings.
In anger and hatred he hurts her and takes her life.
We heard how a man in South Africa came across a young girl on her way home.

What this man should have done is walk the young girl home, after all they were neighbours.
Instead he raped her and burnt her hoping she would not tell, but fate had other wise and the girl was able to relate the horrible ordeal before dying.
Where are the men who built the cities of the world to stand tall and strong to what we see today?
Where have they taken them? What happened to the men who were our protectors?

I say this not because I doubt God’s greatness but because I am human with faults. If God would borrow me his status for a week, he would scream at me on the second day “bring back my status Mosa.”
He would say so because I would seek all the evil doers and punish them. I would reply and say “we made a deal and God keeps his promises right?”
He would look at me probably astonished and say “now that I borrowed you my status I am no longer God and anyone who is not God does not keep his word or does good to others.
So I can turn back on my word” then I would realize how foolish I and the rest of mankind are.

I thought God was not doing much to curb this inhumanity. God would borrow anyone his status because he knows he can have it back anytime.
We are not loyal to each other as humans but expect God to be loyal to us.
Perhaps we need to look for ways to wipe his tears and live like he intended us to; in peace and harmony!

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