Temper, a dangerous emotion

TEMPER, temper, temper!

This is a crazy and dangerous emotion, which has the potential of causing a heap load of havoc; havoc so bad, it could set off the very annihilation of earth.

With weapons getting bigger and more advanced every turn of the century, even the universe is in danger of being destroyed by temper!

It is considered as red hot, and believe me, it deserves that definition in so many ways!

There are people out there who are really scary because of their tempers!

These are the type of people who are said to be volatile; their tempers flare up at the slightest provocations! Actually, some do not even need much provocation for them to blow up!

Their rather short fuses are actually never far from igniting into an inferno, because they are actually never off — always smouldering, waiting for any gust of oxygen to fan it into some raging wildfire!

Come now, I am sure you do not have to go in too deep into the recesses of your memory to come up with a name or even just a face of someone who fits the above description (sometimes it is best to just know this kind of person’s face so as to avoid pissing them off by maybe saying it in the wrong tone or something inane like that!)

I have a real fear of volatile people like that!

First and foremost I should explain that I love the current shape of my face and the number of all the limbs I own at this point!

Hey, I even appreciate the odd number of teeth residing in my mouth, skewed as they are!

So I really try to stay away from such folk because they tend to be violent!

I am too broke to afford plastic surgery bathong and as a matter of fact, if administered that way, we cannot call it plastic surgery akere?

So, if ever I need free “panel beating” I will go and poke some hot tempered oke in the eye, or just smile at him/her the wrong way!

That is free advice to you, anyone looking for a change of features! The violence they can initiate is gory, they will beat you to a pulp, given the chance!

And have you noticed that the change of facial features does not just happen to the victim getting the brunt of the anger?

The perpetrator usually becomes really ugly; there is a total distortion of the face which adds to why I stay away from them!

Who wants to see such ugliness?

I will hound any of my good friends to take me out to the movies, if I ever feel the urge to see a monster — those Hollywood make-up artists are really good at their jobs you know!

I am getting a serious case of goose-bumps just picturing any scene starring me and this kind of raging ogre (or ogress)!

One other thing that scares me is that these kind of creatures are unreasonable and illogical!

Anything anyone says can kick-start their motors from a tricycle to a roaring four cylinder monster truck!

And the painful thing is you will not know what it is that is wrong you uttered!

On top of all that, trying to talk some of these raging bulls out of their fits is like calming a rabid dog by running around in circles screaming — pointless and very dangerous!

Weirdly enough the dog might get tired, bored or lose interest!

Believe me, they never want to hear anything that is reason!

It drives them higher up the wall.

I have noticed that for some folk their tempers only rear their fanged heads when they are under the influence!

Oh yeah, I am sure you have a friend or two who will fight a battalion single-handedly after a few shots of some type of alcohol!

For some people, it is certain alcoholic drinks, for others it is all types — as long as it has some percentage of alcohol in it!

And others are set off by different drugs they happen to take!

It is mind-boggling why people waste money to indulge and imbibe just to end up in trouble of sorts (even in jail)!

What irks me more is that these moegoes give alcohol a bad name!

Stay off the liquor if it handles you; you should know how to handle it!

The shameful thing is some are really proud of their toothless smiles and scars that run from the left eye to right under the left ear!

And seriously, why would you want to be known as someone whose temper led them to slip down the neck of a bottle?

I, personally do not think I have a short temper . . . I hear snickering and grumblings in the background — begging to differ!

Ey, it is your opinion!

I will not fight you over it; but just make sure I do not see you in your fit of disbelieving giggles . . . or else . . . LOL!

Anyway, my point was I do not have a temper, however I really get annoyed a tad bit easily depending on the source of annoyance and yes such annoyance can escalate into some raging inferno of anger!

Unfortunately, most people who annoy me happen to be bigger than me, thus I cannot even show them, let alone “teach them a lesson”!

So, my good people, since I support job creation and all . . . here is an opening — send over your CV’s! Pictures of your handiwork and testimonials from witnesses (and maybe victims) highly recommended!

People around me have upped their ante in the department of annoyance around here.

Yeah, I said it!

Moleboheng Rampou is a freelance writer based in Maseru

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