Teen nabbed over toddler’s rape



Police Spokesperson Senior Inspector Clifford Molefe
Police Spokesperson Senior Inspector Clifford Molefe

’Mantoetse Maama

A three-year-old girl from Mafeteng was allegedly raped by a 15-year-old boy from the same neighbourhood on 13 May.

According to police spokesperson, Clifford Molefe, the mother had left the child with her uncle while she went to work.

“It is alleged that the child was left with her uncle, while her mother went to work. And when she came back that night, the woman is said to have bathed the baby, which was when she allegedly found out that the baby had been sexually assaulted.

“The toddler told her mother that the 15-year-old boy had abused her. The mother then went to the area chief, who then reported the matter to the police, leading to the suspect’s arrest. The suspect appeared in court on Friday last week, and was remanded out of custody,” Senior Inspector Molefe said.

According to  Senior Inspector Molefe, the suspect was sent for psychiatric  evaluation to determine if he was fit to stand to trial.

Meanwhile, five suspects aged between 16 and 24 years, were arrested at different posts between 13-23 May for allegedly being in possession of stolen cattle.

Senior Inspector Molefe on Monday said the suspects were allegedly found with 95 cattle they could not account for.

“The cattle were found during Operation Moholi. Most of the livestock were at cattle posts, while others had been abandoned when the people who were herding them saw the police coming.

“Some of the suspects caught by the police were as young as 18 years, which means they are being recruited into looking after crime when they are still very young. This is child labour, and the sad part is that the employers are even abusing the poor children by paying them very little, and some with mere gumboots or blankets.”

Fifteen of the cattle, Senior Inspector Molefe  said,  belonged to residents of Matatiele and QwaQwa.

“This operation was a major success because the police were working together with local Crime Prevention Committees. It is important for communities to police themselves as this discourages such criminal acts.”

According to Senior Inspector Molefe , the suspects are yet to appear in court as police investigations are continuing.

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