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Taxi operators’ secretary general faces axe

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Six taxi associations want the secretary-general of the Maseru Region Taxi Operators (MRTO) Bokang ‘Musa to step down.
The associations — Maseru Stars, Maseru Urban, Sakeng, City Centre, Maqalika and Mabalane — argue that ‘Musa is not a taxi operator and therefore does not qualify to hold such a senior position in the association.
They argue that according to the MRTO’s constitution no one should be a member unless they own a taxi.
The associations’ spokesperson Kemiso Mosenene said they are not opposing ‘Musa’s continued stay in office but were merely following what the constitution says.
“We are just doing this basing on the constitution of our association,” Mosenene said.
“Section 5 (a) of the MRTO constitution says women and men above 18 can register as members of the association if they are the taxi owners, they can register with their committee association,” he said.
“So he cannot be the association’s leader when he does not have a taxi. The constitution made it clear that members should be taxi operators.
“They are not following our constitution.”
He said his group is also demanding that the MRTO leaders hold an extraordinary general meeting to discuss ‘Musa’s position now that he no longer has a taxi.
Mosenene said they had not challenged Mosenene’s election because “at that time he had a taxi but now he no longer has one”.
He added that warring parties will have a meeting with the Minister of Public Works and Transport to sort out their problems.
“The minister invited both parties for the meeting,” he said.
MRTO spokesperson Lebohang Moea admitted that ‘Musa does not have a taxi but insisted that he does not know why Mosenene’s group was hostile to this arrangement because there are other leaders in some associations who do not own taxis. 
“It’s beyond our control because he is representing his association (Roma taxi association).
“They are saying this basing on the constitution but people who have the right to demote him are his association members because they are the ones who voted for him,” said Moea.
“It is amazing that they are against him yet the chairman of city centre, Selebalo Makoko, does not have a taxi. They are even encouraging other members of the association not to vote for him (the secretary general) during the elections,” he said.
However, Mosenene said Moea was lying.
“Moea is lying when he says the chairman of the city centre does not have a car. Selebalo has more than one taxi (4+1). Selebalo has the right to contest for any seat in the association.”

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