Taekwondo instructors jet in

MASERU — Four taekwondo instructors from South Korea are currently in the country to train local coaches and players.
The team will engage 26 local coaches and players in a one-month intensive training at Lehakoe Recreation Centre.
Lesotho Taekwondo Association president Moshoeshoe Mokake told the media yesterday that the move was aimed at improving the standard of taekwondo in the country.
“We’ve been experiencing difficulties in finding qualified coaches to train and mentor our players for both local and international competitions,” he said.
The training will also be used as part of preparations for next month’s All Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique.
The four instructors; Hyunsoo Kim, Summi Park, Junghoo Kim and Eunji Sund arrived in the country yesterday.
Their training will focus on competition techniques Gyeorugi, pumsae and demonstration techniques gyyeorugi and pemon stration of Taekwondo.
Mokake noted that Lesotho’s standard  drastically deteriorated after the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) recalled their employees who were qualified taekwondo players and coaches from around the country.
Mokake said after realising this problem, they approached the World Taekwondo Federation to help them with qualified coaches’ trainers.
“We do not have well-trained and qualified coaches who can help us reclaim our position nationally and on the international stage,” he said.
“That is why we asked the World Taekwondo Federation to help us with qualified trainers who can help us to positively transform our sport,” he added.
Sund, the group’s translator, said they were happy to help Lesotho improve its standard.
“We are here and going to spend the next 30 days teaching you taekwondo and helping you communicate in the healthiest way as per our sport tradition,” he said.
Sund asked the participants to be open-minded during the training.

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