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Taekwondo gets new kit

by Lesotho Times

By Mooorsi Tsiane

MASERU — The Republic of Korea donated the Taekwondo sport equipment to the Le­sotho Taekwondo Association (LTA) in Mas­eru yesterday.

LTA president and Confederation of Southern Africa Taekwondo Associa­tion (COSATA) vice president, Moshoe­shoe Mokake said the equipment came through the World Taekwondo Peace Corps programme which is an initiative from World Taekwondo Federation aimed at the promotion world peace through Tae­kwondo.

The equipment includes targets, head gears, arms and sheen guards follows the Korean government’s deployment of Tae­kwondo trainers who have been facilitating training workshops for 49 local trainers for skills enhancement.

He said there was no doubt that the equip­ment was going to help revive the country’s world ranking in the sport.

“We used to rank second in the conti­nent and in the top 20 globally but we have since deviated over the years due to numer­ous reasons but there is no doubt that this equipment and the ongoing training will play a huge role in resuscitating Lesotho’s ranks in the sport,” Mokake said.
According to Mokake, there were plans to ensure the national spread of the sport by engaging the Lesotho Correctional Services and Lesotho Mounted Police.

“We have been trying to engage other se­curity sectors into the sport but we are still waiting to get their responses,” Mokake said.

Meanwhile Sports Minister Thesele ‘Ma­seribane hailed the Korean government for the equipment adding to the extension of the long-standing friendly relations between the two countries.
He also expressed gratitude on Mokake’s enthusiasm in growing the sport in the country.
“I like to thank Mokake for the good work he has been doing, and all the effort he has put in growing taekwondo in the country,” said ‘Maseribane.

On behalf of the Korean facilitators, Park Sung Min said the programme was meant to grow the good relations between the two countries and to grow the sport amongst them.

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