Suspect slits mother’s throat   



’Mantoetse Maama

The police have launched a manhunt for a 38-year-old suspect from Qacha’s Nek who “disappeared” last Saturday allegedly after stabbing his 64-year-old mother to death.

According to District Commissioner of Qacha’s Nek Police, Senior Superintendent Hlalele Rampai, the man allegedly killed his mother after accusing her of being involved in his father’s death.

The suspect’s father was allegedly murdered early this month by two teenage suspects he is said to have reprimanded for smoking dagga.

“The 64-year-old woman was found lying in a pool of blood in her home on Saturday morning. She had an open wound on her head and her throat had been slit. Preliminary police investigations have revealed that the 38-year-old suspect had accused his mother of being complicit in his father’s death on 3 June,” Senior Superintendent Rampai said.

The father, Senior Superintendent Rampai added, had allegedly been murdered by two suspects aged 17 and 19, he had found smoking dagga near his residence.

“The 38-year-old suspect’s father was murdered on 3 June by two teenagers who were allegedly smoking dagga near his yard. The two teens aged 17 and 19 years refused to comply when the suspect’s father asked them to move away from his yard because of the dagga they were smoking.

“So instead of leaving, they decided to attack man, and assaulted him until he died. The suspects have since appeared before court and were remanded in custody. The 38-year-old man was in South Africa where he is currently staying when his father was killed. And when he heard of the murder, he came home and attacked his mother and we suspect he has since left the country,” Senior Superintendent Rampai said, adding the police had since been looking for the man.

In a separate incident, three women died on Sunday morning when the car they were travelling in overturned in Ha Hapile.

According to the police, the driver (25) was with her mother (49) and 19-year-old  sister.

“The police suspect that the driver who lost control of the vehicle at a curve in Ha Hapile was speeding.  She drove straight into the slope while she was supposed to turn at the curve. The driver and her little sister died immediately and their mother passed away on arrival at a clinic in Ha Rankakala. The car was a complete write-off after the tragic crash,” Senior Superintendent Rampai said.

Senior Superintendent Rampai warned drivers to be careful when driving along rural roads, which might not be as perfect as those in urban areas.

“Most drivers from urban areas lose control of their cars when they go to rural roads as the surfaces are different. They should be careful and drive slowly or at a speed they would be able to control their cars,” Senior Superintendent Rampai said, adding the police are investigating the case further.


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